Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Exploring together at times

and individually at others,


and Augustus

always get together for consultation, to compare notes!

A highly advanced form of communication/cordial interaction/problem solving marking a new era in development of civilization, consultation leaves them quite exhausted...

However, they firmly believe in the process!

...Central to the task of reconceptualizing the system of human relationships is the process of consultation. “In all things it is necessary to consult...” “The maturity of the gift of understanding is made manifest through consultation.”
The standard of truth seeking this process demands is far beyond the patterns of negotiation and compromise that tend to characterize the present-day discussion of human affairs. It cannot be achieved—indeed, its attainment is severely handicapped—by the culture of protest that is another widely prevailing feature of contemporary society. Debate, propaganda, the adversarial method, the entire apparatus of partisanship that have long been such familiar features of collective action are all fundamentally harmful to its purpose: that is, arriving at a consensus about the truth of a given situation and the wisest choice of action among the options open at any given moment.
... a consultative process in which the individual participants strive to transcend their respective points of view, in order to function as members of a body with its own interests and goals. In such an atmosphere, characterized by both candor and courtesy, ideas belong not to the individual to whom they occur during the discussion but to the group as a whole, to take up, discard, or revise as seems to best serve the goal pursued. Consultation succeeds to the extent that all participants support the decisions arrived at, regardless of the individual opinions with which they entered the discussion. Under such circumstances an earlier decision can be readily reconsidered if experience exposes any shortcomings.
Viewed in such a light, consultation is the operating expression of justice in human affairs. So vital is it to the success of collective endeavor that it must constitute a basic feature of a viable strategy of social and economic development. Indeed, the participation of the people on whose commitment and efforts the success of such a strategy depends becomes effective only as consultation is made the organizing principle of every project. “No man can attain his true station except through his justice. No power can exist except through unity. No welfare and no well-being can be attained except through consultation.”
(Prosperity of Humankind)

Ollie has asked me to purchase him this Ninja hat! We will most certainly consult about it!

Pawfuls of kitty kisses, purrs and love themes all sent your way...



  1. ...so, the more opinions the merrier???...the more cats the cozier???...just thought i'd ask...

  2. oh, this is so much to think about, me head is spinning...might need a ninja hat myself for this one!


  3. : ) our favorite ladies, I have my hands full with these two doodles, each day a new thought pops into their heads...love you two with all my heart! xoxoxo

  4. I would need Ninja mind tricks to keep up to snuff without you and your dear boys.
    Love the hat...Were there fights?

  5. I hope Ollie gets the hat - a photo with it on would be priceless! xo

  6. I am sensing that cyber consultants are favoring the acquisition of a ninja cap...I better get with it! : )