Monday, April 12, 2010

Tending to the Garden...

Ollie was in a gardening mood this past Saturday, and of course I could not be more thrilled about it.

You know he has a green paw, which is awfully useful to those with cement gardens!

After finishing in the cement patio, he went out to do some work there too!

Augustus could not believe his eyes...

Later, the two stared at each other for a while...I think Gussy was saying, "what's up with all this gardening?"

Ollie did not know why he had this urge!

When they came in we read...

The Garden by Hafiz

The garden is breathing out the air of Paradise today,
Toward me, a friend with a sweet nature, and this wine.

It's all right for the beggar to brag that he is a King today.
His royal tent is a shadow thrown by a cloud; his throne room is a sown field.

This meadow is composing a tale of a spring day in May;
The serious man lets the future go and accepts the cash now.

Do you really believe your enemy will be faithful to you?
The candle the hermit lights goes out in the worldly church.

Make your soul strong then by feeding it the secret wine.
When we have turned to dust, this rotten world will press our dust into bricks.

My life is a black book. But don't rebuke me too much.
No person can ever read the words written on his own forehead.

When Hafez's coffin comes by, it'll be all right to follow behind.
Although he is a captive of sin, he is on his way to the Garden.

Ollie wanted you to know that he is willing to come and help you with your gardening and Augustus offered to read the Garden poem while Ollie is at work...they also blew enticing little kisses in the air (they are up for grabs)



  1. I would love to get my hands on your bookshelf!! :)
    I Love Hafiz! And I claim a kiss from the boys :)


  2. Your garden is beautiful and so are your little helpers. : )
    Health and happiness,

  3. ....oh, all this going & growing green...makes my heart grow fonder...& two kisses for me please...

  4. Ladies, ladies, lovely to see you all..boys are inviting you to tea and catnip! And I am building them a kissing stand!


  5. I got the rest...No more kisses left. Come another day... ;)
    Gosh, I am feeling so greedy.
    Send YOU kisses to help you get through the week.

  6. I would love for Ollie to come lend me a hand in the garden. I could always use the skill of a green paw :)

  7. That look in Augustus' eyes is priceless.

    My favorite line of this wonderful poem: "My life is a black book. But don't rebuke me too much.
    No person can ever read the words written on his own forehead." Brilliant.


  8. Hehehehe.....
    I love your little gardenelves ;)
    They must hey must undoubtedly be the funniest cats in the world
    (or perhaps it is their owner, who is funny?)

  9. Andrea...thank you with all my heart!
    Alicia- Ollie only travels by car, who's driving
    LBR-that is my favorite part too; this fellow knows his stuff, really
    Kristine- they are garden elves, don't know of anyone who loves a garden more

    Thank you all for visiting, you make the cat boys so happy!