Wednesday, June 9, 2010

As Ollie prepares to travel...

Augustus ponders....

"... the breast must be purified from all that hath been heard and the heart sanctified from all attachments, so that it may become a recipient of the invisible inspiration and a treasury of the mysteries of supreme knowledges. Therefore it is said: "The traveller in the White Path and in the Red Support shall never reach his homestead unless he is empty-handed from all that is possessed by the people." This is the condition of the traveller; duly reflect and meditate, that thou mayest be informed of the purpose of the Book, without veil."

Augustus and Ollie are sending everyone pawfuls of kisses so you'd have a great day!



  1. I wouldn't mind finding Ollie in my suitcase!
    Health and happiness,

  2. that photo number one is the funniest thing ever!....
    nothing like finding an orange kitty boy in your bag to make your day!

  3. Kisses right back at ya' Allison! You know we love you!

    Angela, wouldn't that be weird if one day you DO find a furrball of a cat in your suitcase! : )

    Kerin, the funny thing is that he doesn't quite fit...and even funnier is that my husband's nicely pressed suit will have orange fur adornments on it! xxx

  4. Aw, so cute....have a wonderful end to your week. xo