Friday, October 8, 2010

The Language of Our Lives..

Early this morning after I let the doodles out I sat with my cup of tea pondering...Hmm! I am going in circles, what is it that I must be doing? And as several thoughts were floating in my head

I suddenly remembered a useful book, A Pace of Grace, The Virtues of a Sustainable Life, that I really like. I am not only being partial (I know the author and her husband and her brothers, all geniuses). I really do like this book and take advice from it.

So, as I was perusing I came across the chapter entitled, 'Purify the Language of Your Life', and I will quote directly from the book because I landed accidentally on this paragraph, which had some of my thoughts in it...

In purifying the language of our lives, we need to heal our criticism of ourselves. As we change the way we think about ourselves, we automatically become more gracious to others. If you catch yourself using shaming or negative self-talk, stop and replace it with a virtue of a positive intent. A friend of mine used to use terms like "I'm going in circles" and "I can't think straight". Now she stops herself and says, "I need to discern what I want to do" or "I am working on clarity."

As I was saying "I need to discern what I really must do" and when Augustus heard this

he said:

"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."-Proverbs 23

"Hmm", I said. I could not discern the tone of his voice nor his facial expression but I was impressed and pleased not to mention surprised!

He then said that for example his thoughts were already on a lovely weekend

and Ollie felt that this was way too obvious requiring no explanation

and that he would bite me if I asked him any questions.

In summary, I learned today's lesson from two sassy cats and a paragraph in a book.

Cat boys filled their paws with Friday kisses and blew them in the air wishing all a lovely weekend!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Such poise Augustus, the wide eyed looking-forward-to-the-day from you got me grinning big, thank you little man. And how on earth did you ever get such lustrous discernment? I already know it is in your cat nature to think very positively of ones self, I believe I'll follow your lead and I'll take todays pearls of wisdom and keep them very near...

    For you three I am grateful, you pack powerful pondering :)

    btw MLJ I knew you had some supernatural-wowing-witchy powers... how else could you make the leaves do your bidding, {wink-wink}


  2. Great post, Mona, and such solid advice.

    Today, I will try to be nothing more than a friendly witness to the world I so often feel confused by.

    Thanks to you and Sir Pussycats for starting my day off the right way.


  3. dear mlj:
    listen to your cats: not only are they wise, but they live in the moment.

    too often i catch myself thinking about something else instead of what i'm doing exactly *right then*....and then become critical in thought patterns.

    thank you for today's lovely words.


  4. M- that Gussy can be wise, sassy, cute, and august. I am his slave. And I am glad you enjoyed the leaf...everyone is messing with my mind! xoxo

    Hi JJ- I think being a witness with a cup of your favorite drink and in a relaxed pose is a good solution to most things..enjoy!


  5. marie bell- I have no choice but to listen to them or they will bit should see my ankles and arms
    : ) I will listen to those boys xoxo

  6. MrsLJ: What a wonderful post. So very true, too. As I am on the process of change, this is good to remember! How on earth do you manage to take so sharp pictures of your cats? These are not amateur pictures..

  7. Brilliant wisdom....if only we could apply that everyday....those four legged fellas seem to understand, xv.

  8. metscan...we both must remember, all change is good in my opinon. I wish I could take credit for the photos, it is the camera. Wishing you a great weekend!

    Vicki, I agree, the 4-legged friends don't get distracted! Enjoy the weekend way out there in France!


  9. You too Susan...I hope it is a lovely one!

  10. Always enjoy the kit- tea- scapes over in Pasadena.

    Have a nice weekend Mrs. Hope you take a cat nap or two :)

  11. What a lovely post! It is funny how life puts you where you need to be....Reading you post was exactly the place for me today!
    Hope you and your little guys have a wonderful weekend!
    Health and happiness to you,

  12. It is so easy to be the gentle observer with our animals. Wouldn't it be nice if being that for ourselves came as easy? Beautiful post.
    Happy weekend! xoxo