Thursday, October 28, 2010

Somedays are just that way....

This one appears to be unsure...

while this one appears to be clueless!!!

Somedays are just that way!

I was telling the cat boys that I attended a talk by the very woman who founded Women for International Peace and Arbitration last night, that she spoke of the transforming power of true education, of a woman physician who traveled from the United States to Persia in 1908 to change lives....

Though in awe, still they could not focus...and who could blame them, they did not know what "arbitration" meant.

I decided to play some music to soothe their nerves...

and shortly thereafter I found them like this:

Happy Thursday everyone! Oh yes, they did fill their paws with their special kisses and blew them in the air before falling asleep!

Ciao everyone!


  1. oh, no!
    better not look too long upon those sleeping katz: might end up joining them!

    yes: some days are "just that way."

    catching kisses: blowing some back!

    [ah-hah!! my verification word:
    sockedoo. am gonna sockedoo some kisses to ollie and augustus!]

  2. Sleepy kittens. My cats are currently both in my bed under the covers, sleeping away the day.

  3. How very VERY appropriate for today:P

    Arbitrary {in a good way} I would have like to attend this, I'll be heading out that way, via link, to see what its all about...

    Thank you for the visit at my space... I might claim perfectionism, but gorgeous? Teheee, only when I am enjoying life and only because light cannot help but shine through when that happens:}

  4. marie- I am so jealous of them...I am exhausted now and no amount of caffeine is going to wake me up; better go to my lab then : ). Thank you from the kisses!

    Hannah...your cats sleep under the covers? Only Augustus did that when he was little for a little bit but now he prefers his own bed. Ollie likes to help me make the bed. You are so lucky! xo

    Lovely M, It is always a pleasure to visit your place...I always find something (s) interesting. I think you should claim gorgeousness too. And let that light pour all over and through you all the time! xox

  5. Yeah Alicia, Gussy has been giving me a lot of faces lately...he is too adorable! xoxo

  6. There is no limit to their cuteness. Ollie's chin fur makes me purr with delight. I hope someday soon I will get to meet these boys in person. That would be heaven! Happily I get to meet their mommy today!

  7. Dear Mona,
    Who needs coffee after that video, like a hive of angry bees. Go easy on the boys!

  8. furry arbiters in that bunch...xoxo

  9. Ollie is not clueless. Just very, very wise, and he is unsure of that wild Augustus who always seems to find trouble!

  10. I am impressed your kitties were able to fall asleep to that piece!

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  11. This kitty mom is running behind but send the boys greetings to each and everyone of you...xoxo

  12. Gussy's face!!!! bwa ha ha haaaa!!!!
    I am totally waking Jones and Jane up to send kisses right back to you all!!!


  13. How did they fall asleep to that music?!
    I think it is perfect cleaning music...the last few minutes before someone is coming to visit!
    Love to You all!