Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Big Valley with Two Cats...

This is what we read:

"And further: The stages that mark the wayfarer's journey from the abode of dust to the heavenly homeland are said to be seven. Some have called these Seven Valleys, and others, Seven Cities. And they say that until the wayfarer taketh leave of self, and traverseth these stages, he shall never reach to the ocean of nearness and union, nor drink of the peerless wine.


The steed of this Valley is patience; without patience the wayfarer on this journey will reach nowhere and attain no goal. Nor should he ever be downhearted; if he strive for a hundred thousand years and yet fail to behold the beauty of the Friend, he should not falter. ... In their search, they have stoutly girded up the loins of service, and seek at every moment to journey from the plane of heedlessness into the realm of being. No bond shall hold them back, and no counsel shall deter them.

It is incumbent on these servants that they cleanse the heart -- which is the wellspring of divine treasures -- from every marking, and that they turn away from imitation, which is following the traces of their forefathers and sires, and shut the door of friendliness and enmity upon all the people of the earth.

In this journey the seeker reacheth a stage wherein he seeth all created things wandering distracted in search of the Friend. How many a Jacob will he see, hunting after his Joseph; he will behold many a lover, hasting to seek the Beloved, he will witness a world of desiring ones searching after the One Desired. At every moment he findeth a weighty matter, in every hour he becometh aware of a mystery; for he hath taken his heart away from both worlds, and set out for the Ka‘bih of the Beloved. At every step, aid from the Invisible Realm will attend him and the heat of his search will grow." The Seven Valleys

Upon reading this, Ollie fell into deep reflection...
while Augustus assumed the posture of "Search" and Wonder.

Later the two furry bundles of love filled their big paws with lots of kitty kisses and they blew them in the air just for YOU!

Ciao everyone!


  1. always: love the readings.
    always: love the boys' expressions.
    always: dig your blog.

    cold alaska hug to you all....

  2. the boys said...brrrr, but no, we have a lot of fur...they send love xo

  3. These synchronicities are rare in our household Alicia so I have to record them! xx

  4. Having met your beautiful boys I am even MORE in love. I cannot get over Ollie. He is incredible. And Auggie is such a charmer.And lunching with their mioher is a real treat.

  5. Oh LBR, the treat was all mine, really! The boys, especially a ginger-tempered and ginger-colored one, have been challenging. Maybe I need to bring him to therapy? xoxo

  6. I love the way your kitties turn their heads in union. It is almost as if they practice.

    Well, now I must gird up the above mentioned loins of service and put the freshly washed sheets back on the bed!

  7. Oh Susan, You better gird up those loins and maybe your furry helpers can gird up their loins too! xoo

  8. One pair of matching bookends different as night and day!


  9. Thanks for sending my dad the kind birthday wish - you are terrific, Mona! xx