Thursday, November 4, 2010

One never knows with cat boys...

one minute is calm and relaxation,

perhaps a little wondering in the disheveled garden,
and another minute....

well, look at him go...boomba runs so fast that I cannot take his picture!

Gustopher has to go and see what Ollie is chasing!

Leaving you without reading since the last one was so heavy.... Still there was time to blow kisses in the air, four pawfuls!

Ciao everyone!


  1. sometimes simple is best anyways! ox

  2. especially when one's mind does not work....hope you are not too exhausted as we approach the last day of the week...xoxo

  3. photos of sweet kat-boys, always welcome!

    [and, by the way, the readings are just what i need when i read them....]

  4. Four paws full of kisses! Le sigh! I appreciate the extra large dose of kisses. That'll hold me until Monday. Happy weekend to all of you!xoxo

  5. Hehe. I think ollie is trying not to step in the cracks. Me luvs kitty pics as we go into the weekend. Of course I can't get any work done with Harley in my face but thats ok...

  6. Hope that you and the CB's have a very enjoyable wknd. xo

  7. Hi there,
    Thanks for dropping by Fashion is my Muse! I think you are the first scientist I've met through blogging land. What do your colleagues make of that? Do they give me a hard time?
    You must have such fun tagging around after your cats to photograph them. How amusing!
    Have a great weekend.

  8. I like to start my week simply, with cute pet pictures.


    Holy cow my verification word is making up for it, it looks like a pharmaceutical drug, okay off to tackle it :)