Monday, November 8, 2010

Daylight Savings...Dias y Noches

I bet you all know that two smart doodle cats are not going to be confused with daylight savings or such man-made inventions, let's call day night and night day, or shift the hours around.

As you see Gussy was not affected, and
when I presented the topic to Ollie, he gave me the look that said, "You are pulling my furry little legs!"
Then, thinking that it was time to blow kisses he looked up to show me his delicious little lips, the very same ones that blow kisses,
and looked down saying, "Now send these to my friends"!!!
Augustus was not available for comments although I could hear the noise of him making little kisses under the tree!
That day, the sky looked like this, and for a moment I did not know where I was.
We read this for meditation and reflection:

"...things are often known by their opposites. Were it not for darkness, light could not be sensed. Were it not for death, life could not be known. If ignorance did not exist, knowledge would not be a reality. It is necessary that each should exist in order that the other should have reality. Night and day must be in order that each may be distinguished. Night itself is an indication and evidence of day which follows, and day itself indicates the coming night. Unless night were a reality, there could not be day. Were it not for death, there could be no life. Things are known by their opposites.
Therefore, our weakness is evidence that there is might; our ignorance proves the reality of knowledge; our need is an indication of supply and wealth. Were it not for wealth, this need would not exist; were it not for knowledge, ignorance would be unknown; were it not for power, there would be no impotence. In other words, demand and supply is the law, and undoubtedly all virtues have a center and source. That source is God from Whom all these bounties emanate." (Selections AB)

Finally, the boys selected this bunch of flowers for YOU on top of all the kisses they made ...

No doubt your week WILL be delightful!

Meow Meow and Ciao!


  1. Oooh, Ollie! Your kisses are so soft! I grabbed at one,
    stole it I did... And then you and Gussy gave some flowers too!
    I'm blushing...
    and all this from such sophisticated furry cat-boys...
    I should be ashamed of myself:P

    but I'm not:))))

    I love how both you two and M know what IS. and its as simple as that.

  2. They know who sends them chicken feathers and love Kayla, and that's as simple as that too! xoxo

  3. I hope you're having a lovely week Mona despite wondering what time it "really" is all week.

    Dear kitties, You are SO evolved...thank you for your knowledge , kisses, and flowers.

    *wow they shop for flowers?

  4. "....and for a moment i did not know where i was...."

    oft'times i feel that exact same way.

    ahhhh. mona. sweet sentiments, deep feelings from you and your boys.

    thank you.
    thank you.

  5. Kisses, flowers and photos!!!!! So much beauty. LOVE this post. xoxo

  6. Flowers for ME?... ;)

    I was thinking of this concept last night...Things that are defined as {and enriched by} their opposites...Serendipity dear M!

    That sky was quite the gift for you(s)...


  7. Dear Friends, Meow Meow, YOu know that it is Cat Day on FaceBook, created by Kat VonDoodle! Basically it means, meow, that I have to use a lot of feline vocabulary today, meow meow! We are so happy that you all meow meow the flowers! And the Kisses, meow meow meow! THis meows us to no end! Meow meow, yours truly! MEEEOOOW xoxo

  8. The sky photo is so gorgeous.


  9. mrow meow maooow mrfff.
    [rub, rub hard, rub]

  10. Susan and marie, you two meow so fluently! : )