Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Apologue of the Pearl

A frequently misunderstood spiritual law is humility, in our opinion of course! Its significance can only be explained by analogy to the physical world. Here, energy only flows from high point (voltage) to low. The modern world regards humility as a weakness. It cannot be fake self-effacement. It is a difficult trait to develop, for most of us, but not for cat boys.

It was a panoramic day and we felt that we were floating in the space between units of time. Everyone is busy and playtime presents itself randomly but delightfully!

I noticed feet...packed with energy...ginger feet
I saw the look, that beam of energy...focussed...
I witnessed pecks on cheeks, aahh, so delicious, I wish I had received one.
I observed the proper handling of ginger cats, by their fluffy little tails.
They shared that they wanted to be in a circus...I told them that they already were there.
I observed SweetPants
pretending to walk the narrow rope...gracefully.
I observed proper handling of SweetPants...he is smiling! He said that it tickled.
We reflected on this:

The Apologue of the Pearl
A raindrop fell from a spring cloud, and, seeing
the wide expanse of the sea, was ashamed.
‘Where the sea is’, it reflected, ‘where am I?
Compared with that, forsooth, I am extinct’.
While thus regarding itself with an eye of contempt,
an oyster took it to its bosom, and Fate so
shaped its course that eventually the raindrop
became a famous royal pearl.
It was exalted for it was humble, Knocking at
the door of extinction, it became existent.
( from Bustan, meaning Orchard)

We wish all a delightful Tuesday...cat boys sent pawfuls of their yummy kisses!



  1. It's true...there is a right way and a wrong way to hold all cats, and they all prefer different styles...

    Hope your week is going well!

  2. Hannah- absolutely! My week is going much faster than I want it to...thank you for enhancing my day with your lovely poems!

  3. Humility is one of the great lessons in life worth learning...still working on it myself of course;)

  4. Mark- I agree; it is an especially difficult one as we get more skilled and complex ...

  5. Sweet Mona, I wish I could help slow your week down, but it seems that January is just going to fly!
    Your cat boys are so well-loved.

  6. Oh I don't think humility is a small thing....I actually believe that learning to be humble, being capable of being brought to your knees....is perhaps one of the most important things we can learn...right up there next to compassion, and the ability to apologize....

    hello kitties!


  7. ShannonAnn- thank you...knowing that you wished that for me helped xx

    Kerin- I do agree...it is a very difficult attribute to develop in sincere..xx

  8. [[big sigh]]
    what a wonderful reading on the subject of humility.

    and so funny: circus cats. HAHha!


  9. Kitties keep us humble.

    It's true what you say about holding cats. What's funny is that our domestic one doesn't like being held, except occasionally, when he decides, but the feral one, when we're able to catch him, loves to be held tightly in our arms.

  10. Love those pawfuls of yummy kisses. Still working on that humility thing. Some days are better than others. Your cats are looking mighty handsome today. Have a great weekend.

  11. Hmility IS such a priceless attribute. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! xx

  12. Thank you for the pearls of wisdom, the affection of O and A and the reminder of the necessity of humility.
    Helen xx