Thursday, January 5, 2012

Under the curious eyes of two tiny yellow birds

were lazying about two big cat boys!
You would know them by one of many names, and today, that would be simply Augustus and Ollie.
The birds took my breath away, I felt that this was the first time that I had seen such yellow birds in the skies that tent us. When I looked above I only saw one and later when I looked at the picture there was a bonus bird on a lower branch!

Down below in our cement yard, Augustus had just finished his noms and had a serene look on his face, which to me indicated something profound. He wanted to set some goals for himself but he needed to reflect in his own personal space!
When I saw his downward glance I did not need to look down to see what furry gingery naughty beast was waiting down below. You see Ollie plays this game where he likes to block the path for Gus and Gus has to find a way around him.
Here Gus is considering the back way ...Nah nah don't give in Gus, I advised him.
Ollie is not pleased with me, he is pleased with himself. I am pleased irrespective and I don't even know why.
His Puffiness, Ollie descends on the ground waiting for Fussy Gus to descend.
"Oh, who is giving me the innocent look here? Who is it I want to know."

Fun and games aside, I had two cat boys in front of me, and what better time than this for reading and reflection. So I asked them to ponder over what happened at the dawn of creation...

"A man should pause and reflect and be just: his Lord, out of measureless grace, has made him a human being and honored him with the words: "Verily, We created man in the goodliest of forms” -- and caused His mercy which rises out of the dawn of oneness to shine down upon him, until he became the wellspring of the words of God and the place where the mysteries of heaven alighted, and on the morning of creation he was covered with the rays of the qualities of perfection and the graces of holiness."

Cat boys meowed with delight, they knew all about perfection and grace so they made kisses and ran about frolicking!!

Ciao everyone!


  1. So very poetic, the photos, your post the reading. You've managed to capture eternity in a moment as you always do. Reading your posts always fills me with serenity and acute awareness of my own surroundings.

  2. coffeeaddict- we love that you loved this...boys say Purr Purr for you xx

  3. Thank you and the CBs for the very lovely card! Happy New Year! xo

  4. i needed to see the wee yellow birds and the two furry dudes: today, i needed them.
    more than that, i needed to read these words: man should pause and reflect and be just.
    perfect. absolutely.

  5. And verily I say unto you that this is a beautiful passage, despite the passage being blocked at times by Ollie.
    To a delightful weekend

  6. Just too beautiful. Thank you.

  7. Anne- thank you for the lovely beautiful! xx

    Ms Fox- your kindness always cheers us xx

    helen- we usually talk that way too : ) xxx

    Dear Mette- the cat boys thank you with all their little hearts xx

  8. You are so good at capturing all of the different expressions your kitties make.

    Yes, kitties are works of perfection and grace.

    Have a beautiful weekend Mona. xoxo

  9. Little goldfinches snacking on the tiny seeds inside the spiky balls of your liquid amber, such a treat.

    Your furry purries are always a delight


    your selected readings

    Happy weekend Mrs

  10. ♥ Love those boys, and your words~

  11. You capture their subtle facial expressions perfectly, you know that??! Too adorable.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week so far, all of you!