Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Liebster Award!!!

Well, it is not everyday that one wakes up to an award, is it? So today is/was a special day for us.

I got into my office, turned on the computer, placed my coffee next to it, various thoughts were forming in my head and I was determined to use my consciousness to sort them out and organize what I felt was unorganized. I did not want randomness. I think I was not happy on the inside but had convinced myself that I was. Do you ever have that feeling? I was not thrilled about .... while immensely thankful about ....

Well, this condition did not last very long thanks to one of my favorite blogger friends, dear Mette, who awarded us the Liebster award! Yay! I sensed clouds lifting and rays of sun coming through, light flowing. Thank you Dear Mette.... you made our day.

To honor this award, I decided to do a photo shoot of the furry beauties, and so I present to you today more photos of the boy beauties.

When I told Augustus to pose he did not hesitate, he realized the significance of this event. He lay on his side and asked me if the pose was good.

Ahem, ahem, I liked the way those leaves draped above but I wanted more.
"How's this?", he wanted to know. Ahem, ahem, ...more!
"How's this, the one-sided gaze, pretending like I don't see you?", I told him that he was on the right track.
"How's this?, the love collapse?". "Oh ya!". "I may have to eat you now", I said,
to which he replied with his baby smile.
He finally felt too shy and asked me to stop. I could not ask for more cuteness.
Ginger Puff was listening from a short distance away using his sensitive swivel ears.
He told me that he did not want to pose today...sometimes he feels subconscious of himself!
"He was thinking", he said.
I did manage to catch this wishful look that happens every time
a bird flies overhead disrupting his train of cat thoughts.

Cat boys extended their profoundest thanks to Metscan and all the friends who stop by for a friendly hi.

Augustus used his mental energies to send you best wishes for this first week in January of 2012.
Ollie sent discreet kisses.

The award is given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.
The rules:
1. ) You are to thank the giver, who gave it to you.
2. ) Reveal your 5 blogger picks, and let them know, by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. ) Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. ) Hope, that the people, you have sent the award to, will forward it to their 5 favorite bloggers.

My 5 liebster picks are:
2)up and down town
3)Samantha June

Ciao everyone!

PS-cat reflections will resume shortly the boys promised


  1. Mona, What a wonderful gift! Thank-you, for thinking of me and for being such a wonderful friend!

  2. The pleasure is all mine, MissLJ. Your photo shoot is delightful as always, especially "the love collapse." Those little paws... Please give the furry darlings my love. I'll pass on the well wishes, thank you!

  3. Congratulations on your Liebster Award.
    Well deserved!
    I love your gratitude post and the boys are delightful
    Helen xx

  4. ShannonAnn- the pleasure is all ours xxx

    Grace o Grace- I will, thank you

    helen- thank you, nothing like little surprises xx

  5. Miss Mona!
    Thank you so incredibly much. You are just too much and I will pass this on with pleasure! how fun.

  6. Congrats!
    Happiest New Year Mona {and to Your Boys too...}


  7. Sam- glad you liked this as much as we did.. xx

    Andrea Andrea- how we miss u xxx

  8. Ok, the "love collapse" is the cutest pose ever, and cutest name for it!!

    And I have an amazing link for you, that you might get addicted to: http://meowoodle.tumblr.com/

    Happy new year!!

  9. I love the "love collapse" but actually the first photo is the one that captured my heart. I study the way kitties relax, your Augustus looks so relaxed and regal in that photo. xoxo

  10. you certainly deserve it.
    i am so flattered, thank you.
    i will respond later.

  11. OHHH, thank you so very much for these cutest pictures ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    Air kisses your way....

  12. i always enjoy visiting your blog....
    for the photos and your words and heavenly writings of wisdom....


  13. Thank you dear all and we did not let this go to our heads either. : ) xxx

  14. Haha, this was si cute and so funny ... the love collapse? hehe Congrats on the award! :)

  15. I thank you here, and I think you here:


    And again I thank you, because this was such a nice surprise!