Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back from being away

is kind of like waking up after a short sleep, isn't it? sometimes at least.

I was away for a week and now I have been back for almost a week, that week seemingly far behind me.

I tried to construct the ineffable.

These are some of the random flowers who dare to grow in our complex (there is a reason I say that but I will let it be)
These two doves are welcome additions to our skies, and frankly, I suggested that they sit up even higher because two cat boys really love them.
This squirrel has no fear, he knows that chases may happen but our cat boys have no interest in eating him.
This super cat, Mr Sweet Pants, is one of our two delights. He asked me about where I was and what I did, and when I did he only nodded with approval.
This super cat is Mr Puffy Pants
who always strides delicately like a ballerina...
right, pause! Left, right, pause...left, right pause! He moves so fast that the air molecules around him don't get disturbed!
I thought that I would have a lot to say and to share, and then I got tired of thinking about all of those thoughts, so many of them.

Ollie mainly wanted to know about the storm drains around Vanderbilt, I told him that they had a lot of mice in them. exciting!

No one read and meditated while I was away.

I listened to a talk about a book on architecture called "Constructing the ineffable". I hope to get it some day. I felt that in all surroundings there was a bit of ineffable...something to find delights in.

"Within every blade of grass are enshrined the mysteries of an inscrutable wisdom, and upon every rose-bush a myriad nightingales pour out, in blissful rapture, their melody. Its wondrous tulips unfold the mystery of the undying Fire in the Burning Bush, and its sweet savours of holiness breathe the perfume of the Messianic Spirit. It bestoweth wealth without gold, and conferreth immortality without death. In every leaf ineffable delights are treasured, and within every chamber unnumbered mysteries lie hidden."

We shall resume readings and reflections soon. My time away was their spring break! Happy Wednesday everyone!



  1. "'s sweet savours of holiness breathe the perfume of the messianic spirit...."
    oh, how wonderfully holy these words.

    i have missed:
    that sweet ballerina puffy pants.
    the all-knowing and wise sweet pants.
    and you.


  2. Oh my heavens so many fun things to look at at do when you are a kitty!

  3. So sweet of you to tell about where you had been to the boys.
    Now everything is under control : ).

  4. miss fox- thank you for missing the boys, I did too and missed you as well xx

    Amanda- I agree...good to see you...kisses to Harley!

    Mette- yes, they are very curious...I wish I could take them with me : )

  5. And Mr Sweet Pants looks really interested too! :D ... now that they know what you did on their holiday, do you know what they've been up to? ;)

  6. Missed your posts, I'm glad you're back and I bet the boys were happy to see you.
    Happy Easter to everyone!

  7. Nancy- I don't know what they have been up to but I am starting to hear some stories from neighbors! I am not asking for details. : )

    Ana- thank you...I missed you xx