Friday, April 27, 2012

5:01 a.m. this morning a big furry creature jumped on our bed and bit my head. I took that as my cue to get up. Do you too have biting alarm clocks? While I was getting up finding my way in the dark I heard the scrambling about of the same creature who gallop-escorted me down the stairs. The more mature one (Gus) was waiting by the door. They were out.  At 5:50 or maybe 6 a.m. they returned to take my on my walk back to the lovely backyard.  They were served treats while they watched the wildlife.  Afterwards they played their own games.

Ollie sat on the porch wall watching the squirrel while keeping his ears directed back to listen for other squirrels.

Augustus followed me but felt a stare on his back.

It was the same creature who bit my head and he was sitting so innocently.

Augustus looked back again and I knew the furry creature was up to something else.

We could not detect him anywhere!

Augustus and I returned to the condo for his breakfast but he had the suspicious air about him, one never knows what could appear out of no where.

Back in the cement courtyard, which really needs some help,

he sat on the wall eating while I read to him.  We let the orange dude off the hook today.

A few days ago I had to give a talk on the subject of the necessary equality of men and women as a prerequisite to establishing peace in the world.  In my research I came across this passage from Abdul-Baha, a Persian spiritual teacher, and it had me thinking.  This, I shared with Augustus.

“Know thou that the distinction between male and female is an exigency of the physical world and hath no connection with the spirit; for the spirit and the world of the spirit are sanctified above such exigencies; and wholly beyond the reach of such changes as befall the physical body in the contingent world.”

I realized then that when I thought of myself I did not think of myself in gender terms.  Augustus was not sure and got busy thinking.  What about you?  How do you define yourself?  By your gender or your virtues?

All that rain yesterday coaxed this $10 plant that I bought in a garage sale last year to produce a flower.

Cat boys send their love and kisses.  Wishing you a delightful weekend!

Ciao everyone!


  1. oh HAHha!
    those silly boys!!

    what a lovely flower.


  2. Here in Sweden there is an ongoing debate about this genus matter with a word that is not her and not him but a combination like...hem (if that can be translated even?) People say it's a political view or feminist word and also mumbo jumbo...

    I myself are proud to live in what I consider to be a gender equal country. To have these opinions can sometimes hit you in the head because the world is in ongoing change and not fully ready for this but yeah to somewhat answer your question Mona...I consider myself as a strong girl, at least I try to be :)
    I must say, growing up reading Pippi Longstocking it is all natural to me and I especially come aware of this when traveling. The revelation is devine!

  3. marie- xx

    carolina- interesting to read about Sweden; sometimes I am aware of my gender and other times I am genderless_when I in deep concentration for example..xx

  4. Not biting, but Baxter will whimper incessantly until I get up. Very effective.

  5. Adrienne, Baxter appears to be more refined. : )