Tuesday, May 1, 2012

we are sending cat boys to language school

Some patches in the back jungle of our condo don't look too shabby, enough cheery yellows to allow us to focus our minds on the good.

It is very calm outside this morning.
Though I got up at 5 a.m. I did not go out for a cat walk.

This was unrelated to the little drizzle that was coming down making it ideal cat boy weather, oh, the excitement of little droplets hitting their fur and the dashing off to hiding places for safety and protection!
This was related to the fact that a certain ginger cat who shall be left unnamed did not come home last night keeping both kitty parents up all night.  We decided that he was stolen and yet we walked around the neighborhood for hours hoping to find him.  The night before the other kitty boy with stripes who shall remain unnamed returned home at 12:30 instead of the usual 9:00.
They both have watches. They both know the rules!  They know how to meow in different tones but no words yet.
Today they are resting...either reflecting upon their actions or perhaps plotting.  I suspect the latter because our cat boys are plotters.

Here is Sweet Pants in his room.

Here is Puffy Pants in his room.

Searching for something to reflect upon I came across this passage which is perhaps unrelated to the post but it made me feel good because I find it important to notice beauty around me, both spiritual and physical.

It behoveth the craftsmen of the world at each moment to offer a thousand tokens of gratitude at the Sacred Threshold, and to exert their highest endeavour and diligently pursue their professions so that their efforts may produce that which will manifest the greatest beauty and perfection before the eyes of all men.  ("Selections from the Writings of `Abdu'l-Bahá", sec. 127, p. 145)

We wish you all brightness and furry beauty!  Kitty kisses will be sent when they wake up.

Ciao everyone!


  1. I have an idea! Buy them each an iPhone and help them join Facebook and Twitter. That way you'll always know where they are. Or, even better: buy them a laptop each. That way they will never leave the house!

    They are lovely!

  2. Haha...you are right, with a lap top they'd be surfing. xx

  3. I think you should get a triangle and ring it like a dinner bell.

    Oh those rebels, making you worry, out WAY past curfew.

    Loved the passage!


  4. That is some of the most worrisome things....but I'm happy to hear that they are now safe and sleeping/eating/cuddling/ in their home with their cat parents :) <3

  5. oh, my....!
    delinquent cat boys!
    worrying their parents....


    p.s. very wonderful reading....

  6. It's always so nervewrecking when kitties stay out past their curfew. Each time it happened in the past I swore to myself I'll never have pets again because the responsibility is too great. 20 years and counting ;-)

  7. Ro-I like the idea though mischievous boys think that it is a game indicating that they should hide...I am thinking though to get the triangle just for myself : ) xx

    Carolina- it is indeed, and last night was a happy night because the rain kept them indoors : )

    marie- delinquent they are...especially after all the time I spend with them; I think they may have bouts of ADD xx

    Ana- that is exactly my reaction, I swear to myself not to have pets ever again...I was beyond delighted when I saw the fur ball in the morning xx