Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We have decided to call this month the month of endeavour, there is no question about it really, for cat boys and myself included.

I planted this in the grounds of our complex last weekend as an experiment.  I hope it adapts to its soil and decides to grow.  Ollie helped with the digging while Augustus supervised.
Most days this month I find the cat boys climbing.  I love watching them climb and imagine how incredibly great it would be if I could do the same...scale straight walls silently!

He carefully gauges the heights and springs into action.
Here is Ollie straight up the wall
swishing his tail in joy.
The other end of the wall is host to a jag cat named Sweet Pants.
He looks at me with pleasure when I call him Sweet Pants.  The two do their cat things up there and are back down in no time!!  Only if I knew what was going on up there!
Back down on the wall Sweet Pants was glancing with penetrating eyes
and Puffy Pants who was seated right below was feeling those glances on his shoulders.  He did not know that those were love glances.
We reflected upon this:

"Endeavour is not a struggle with Destiny.
It is rather a struggle to fulfill one's Destiny." (Rumi)

Cat boys spend most of their times endeavoring and they do it beautifully.  Now if only I could do a bit more ...  They sent kisses and best wishes!

Ciao everyone!


  1. I believe the lion will keep guard over the new plant very well!....

  2. Ha ha...I hope they do, our yard needs help! Good to see you Kerin! xx

  3. great thought:
    endeavor to fulfill one's destiny.

    here's to hoping for the best for that lovely flowering plant!!


  4. What a good quote!
    This time air kisses to your sweetiesxx

  5. Sorry I have been so MIA - things have been crazy w work and I am just slowing down and catching up. Love those beautiful purple flowers! xo

  6. marie- I think it makes it easier when we know there is a purpose behind the endeavour. xx

    Mette- thank you...the cat boys selected it to encourage me to work hard! Thank you for the kisses! xx

    Sorry gnat- we call you the glorious gnat...lovely to see you! xx

    anne- I know I know...why are we all so busy...we feel special that you visited! See you soon. xx

  7. Now was that a timely post, or what? Thank you Miss Jeans. Endeavor. I shall remember this! Give the boys a chin scratch from a fan. :)