Thursday, May 10, 2012

A day in our complex...

At times this place can be beautiful...only in subtle ways!
The other day spring got into me or maybe it was fatigue. On the way home the notion came to me to stop by a nursery and get some plants and a poky object. At the nursery,I immediately bonded with the saleswoman as I readily shared her frustration with the disorderliness of the counter. In return she encouraged me to do the experiments that I had in mind, which were to poke random holes around the back yard and to plant random plants here and there just to see what would happen. And this all came about because an earlier day a neighbor started pulling out these plants (see below) that I thought were beautiful but she called them pesky weeds. I felt embarrassed that I had been so proud of them.

So I called upon the neighbor and we spontaneously did some gardening in a primitive way that cave men would do, which would be with poky objects and random planning.  The gardening gave us a craving for McDonalds food, which was generously supplied by husband. We felt good.


The precious cat boys enjoyed the moments looking this way and that in the cool early evening.

I caught them sitting together
I shared with them this

"This reminds me (in a good way) of The Far Field by Theodore Roethke:

“At the field's end, in the corner missed by the mower,
Where the turf drops off into a grass-hidden culvert,
Haunt of the cat-bird, nesting-place of the field-mouse,
Not too far away from the ever-changing flower-dump,
Among the tin cans, tires, rusted pipes, broken machinery, --
One learned of the eternal…”"

a comment that I read on the blog of one of my favorites  Hannah Stephenson.

I think I felt the eternal briefly.

Cat boys sent pawfuls of smooches and I sent you best wishes!

Ciao everyone!


  1. i love this:
    " learned of the eternal...."
    and this:
    "on the way home the notion came to me to stop by a nursery and get some plants and a poky object."
    and the cat boys looking and looking.


  2. Somehow you expand the ordinary, make it poetic, haul your reader into being enchanted with photos of the backs of an orange and a black and grey cat, all the while appreciating the pacing and tone of the piece.

  3. Roethke, Bill Sigler, random gardening, and you and your kitties= a very good day.

    I'm going to throw another in the about this Brian Eno piece about composing as gardening (I agree):

    Hope your weekend is lovely.

  4. marie- me too...a little touch of eternal xx

    glorious gnat- you are so lovely and encouraging xo

    Hannah- I am running to check the other...and the sight of our gardening has encouraged another neighbor to do the same but all without letting the HOA know...wishing you a lovely weekend!

  5. You should have been proud of your weeds as, mostly, they are dandelions, very healthy and delicious boiled and eaten with some olive oil and crusty bread. Dandelions is also an excellent diuretic.

    Nature never takes chances: there is a reason for everything and everything has a place and a purpose.



  6. Thank you Anna. You are the best! xx

  7. So were the " weeds " replaced by the flowers in the picture below?
    If so, what a nice job done.
    So funny to see your cats in a row for such a long time. Kisses your way. xx

  8. so cute about the weed - I tend to look too close at the details to see that well, yes, proper flowers might look better actually ;) I LOVE the photos of the boys sitting together - every single photo of those two is fit for a memory book. THat's what you get when your naturally photogenic, I guess. :)

  9. Gardening is always refreshing. Hope your week is good so far! xo

  10. Hello Mona

    I have missed your posts somehow and now I see you have a break. Are you hanging out with the cats? I hope so.

    Wishing you a glorious week

    Helen xx

  11. I love dandelions too, great big fields of them! And I like the idea of random planting, as do the cat boys from this view. I hope the summer brings you renewed energy Mona!