Friday, June 8, 2012

2 cat boys have been biting my ankles

to post a blog.
They and I miss our daily/weekly visits to our friends around the world.
We all missed YOU.

So I will not bore you with the gory details, this, that and the other...but here we are.  We have been walking in and out of the complex because of unending repairs, rediscovering old paths that appear new.  Early mornings are somewhat sunny here.  Mr Puffy Pants likes to go out and take an early morning look of what the day would be like.
I asked him to pose for you and so he gave me his regal profile.  Rest assured that I have kissed his funny face many times daily during our absence.
I fussed a bit too much over him and he gave me his Vulcan look!
These flower pots remain one of my favorite sites, the impatiens that ever delights.
Mr Sweet Pants wanted to know what all the camera clicking was all about.
He sent me love glances while pretending that he was attached to a chariot.
Here he is posing for you just you would not forget what his front parts looked like.
Our reflection times are no longer regular but still do we find the time to meditate together.  The selection below was Gus' choice from the Persian Prophet, Baha'u'llah:

"O Friend! The heart is the dwelling of eternal mysteries, make it not the home of fleeting fancies; waste not the treasure of thy precious life in employment with this swiftly passing world.  Thou comest from the world of holiness- bind not thine heart to the earth; thou are a dweller in the court of nearness- choose not the homeland of the dust."

I had to give Gus extra kisses for his selection.  Was I too preoccupied with things that were not all that important?

Cat boys sent you huge pawfuls of kisses...happy Friday everyone!



  1. Oh you guys!!!! Missed those faces and your digital 'voice', Mona!


  2. You know, you actually had me laughing out loud (here at work no less) with your observation of Mr. Sweet Pants, posing as if attached to a chariot. Too funny! And spot-on too. This is exactly how he looks. I'm so sorry I've been away and it sounds like you have been too. I hope you're doing well. Your boys are as handsome as ever. Have a great weekend.

  3. Missed you Sunny, will be visiting soon...xx

    Grace- I am laughing too, actually I laugh at them frequently and then they bite my has been busy and it is great to see you! Wishing you a beautiful weekend. x

  4. Hiya! Nice to see you guys :).

    Hope your summer is going well!

  5. i have missed you.
    night and day.

  6. Where have you been? It´s alright, no need to explain.
    But I sure am glad to see You writing again and glad to see the cat duds.
    They look just perfect, fluffy and shiny.
    Blowing a handful of air kisses your way!

  7. All very true, but most of us do love to indulge ourselves and try to enjoy the little things in life which, I believe, have the "task" to connect us with a world of "correspondace" to quote Baudelaire and which make life bearable and beautiful...

    Though we tend to get lost in our thoughts and we aspire to greater things in the after life, life itself, which we can experience through senses and experience, is all we know, for sure. The rest we can assume, guess, or hope.
    Talking about beautiful things in life: I WANT YOUR CATS! They are gorgeous!



  8. I am so very glad to see you and the cat boys! I was starting to worry.
    It is hard to live without cat kisses!~~

  9. I've missed your daily dose of serenity and calming thoughts too. Glad to see life for you and the cat boys remains as peaceful and full of beauty as ever.

  10. Oh I've missed you and the boys! It makes me happy to see Ollies Vulcan look! :D
    He sure does look regal and Augustus is looking handsome as ever.


  11. Hannah- it is great to see you..missed you poems and have a lot of reading to do...summer has not begun but we are starting to feel that it is here ...hope yours is going great!

    marie- you are a dear..we so missed you too, we will visit

    Mette- being busy is no excuse but our punishment was that we missed you a lot..xx

    Anna- I totally agree with you, this life is probably our playing ground, to learn to make beauty, to learn to enjoy, to be positive, to develop our virtues...and we must enjoy it to show our gratitude...every time you mention kitties, they grab their little suitcases ready to fly to you : )...ciao!

    ShannonAnn- I know..I feel I am just starting to breathe- we missed youxx

    Ana- Great to see rock xx

    Carolina- thank you...we missed you very much...Ollie is part Vulcan : )