Friday, June 15, 2012

Late afternoon before Friday arrived....

we three went out to the back yard, which incidentally has turned into a construction/destruction zone these days, to soak up some gentle rays of sun, to shoot the breeze, and to reflect together.
Augustus savored his newly discovered treat with pleasure,
yum, yum he indicated to me.
Ollie, Mr Puffy Pants, was full...he was enjoying the cooler grass in the presence of his big brother nearby when
trouble descended down the tree.
Ollie took immediate note and did not need to think about what he had to do.
Look at him go...he sprung into a full chase and
he meant business yesterday,
not realizing that all the while I was admiring his Puffy Pants.

He returned satisfied, lion like,
and gave me the glance that only I can interpret.  I foresee sleepless nights for myself.
Mr Puffy Pants
and Mr Sweet Pants
then assumed a posture of learning and reflected on this:

"O My Friends!
Walk ye in the ways of the ways of the good pleasure of the Friend, and know that His pleasure is in the pleasure of His creatures...."  (The Hidden Words)

Cat boys wish you a weekend of sweet pleasures, and to make sure that it is so they sent you pawfuls of kisses!



  1. Hello Mona

    What great pictures of Puffy pants in motion. He really is showing off today. Sweet pants looks so innocent.

    May you always walk in the way


  2. Dear Helen: Great to see you...yes, sometimes he becomes quite fierce while other times it is the squirrel that chases him!! Sending you love..xx

  3. Wishing you all a fine weekend, hopefully without construction noise.

    Soak it up!

    xoxo Ro

  4. Your catty pictures are always so amazing, thank you.
    For records, could you explain, what sort of repairing stuff is going on around your house, surroundings? It seems to have been going on long, but I have not noticed a glimpse of any building, construction happening.
    When will it all be finished, what is it going to be like when all is finished?
    In the meanwhile, xx for the cat dudes and x for you!

  5. Oooh, I love those paw-fuls of kisses! Please return my love to the boys.

    It's impressive enough that you capture such amazing photos of the boys but that squirrel too? Amazing.

    I have to tell you, whenever I see a new post for "Today..." on my Google Reader, I immediately think of the song "Soul of the Sea" by Heart. Do you remember it? It starts out, "Today..."

    Anyway, I'll be walking in pleasure today, attending a garden tour with camera in hand.

    Have a great weekend. Hope the construction is finished soon.

  6. sweet photos and words to ponder.

  7. Ay! Drama in the yard! Cute snapshot of him looking like a flying furball ;)

  8. Between Lily and your Babes, Do our friends "Mister Squirrels" have a chance? LOL

    Great shots!

    Love you!

  9. Oh dear! Those rotten squirrels again! Have a great week, Mona! xo

  10. Thank you for visiting us dear friends...sending you love and kisses!