Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Busy busy

This is kind of funny that we have been away for seemingly such a long time that we were not sure where we were with the new blogger appearance.  I have a gazillion photos of cat dudes doing their cat things but who has time to document their daily activities.  I suggested to Mr Sweet Pants and Mr Puffy Pants that they hire an amanuensis for this purpose or that they start learning the type writer!

This is the look that they gave me.
I think it says that I am the amanuensis and that they are not interested in clicking on a typewriter any time soon, at least not as long as there is a vibrant squirrel running around them.

We feel that everyone is busy..busy in good ways!  Busy with life but not so busy that one cannot stop occasionally and look at the deep purple of a flower.

This is early this morning.
I am with the rascals and the three of us were reading while listening to the birds.

"Reflect that every human being is limited through his physical body, but his spirit is free.  The body of man may travel for a few miles and become fatigued, but the spirit untrammeled may go throughout the immensity of space. While walking on earth man's thoughts may grasp the motions of the heavenly bodies and define their course. This demonstrates how man's spirit transcends his environment." (Divine Philosophy)

Though we were seemingly away yet we really were with all of you friends.

 Someone thinks that I cannot see him. (Ollie)
 Someone thinks his orange brother is naive. (Augustus)
Cat boys made pawfuls of kisses and blew them in the air for you.

Ciao everyone!


  1. This is a great idea...train our kitties to write for us! I'm in. :)

    Hope your week is going great!

  2. Hello Mona
    Messrs Sweet and Puffy pants look like they don't want to know the meaning of amanuensis. I think their body language is saying " both my body and mind are free".

    Thanks for the cat hugs


  3. love the two photos of ollie and augustus "hiding" in plain sight.

    i missed you.
    welcome back.


  4. I love your cats, as ever, and today, I love your reflection, about body and mind. What would life be, if we didn't have the ability to trascend and free ourselves of our material bodies?

    Being a human being, to me, is quite scary, as I know that I am small compared with infinity, but, at the same time, knowing that I am part of it makes me feel that I matter.

    I love using my freedom in order to escape and build new worlds, new colours, new music. I can paint, I can sing, I can become an eagle and fly over the world (I wish I had wings!)

    Coming back to reality is always a bit hard, until you look round and see all the beautiful thing around you(like the purple flower in your picture or your cats.)

    All in all, I think life is beautiful, but thank Good our minds are free to escape, every now and then!



  5. Is it the new Blogger thing which makes your pictures today so special, or what?
    I´ve missed your furry ones.

  6. Hannah- I have a feeling that your cats will compose feline verses and you take them down. Busy week but I think I am going to make it.

    Helen- that is possible but I think they know everything..xx

    marie- I missed you too xx

    Anna- no kidding, I rely on my spirit doing its thing every day, especially when I am bored...and you are so right to note that all creativity happens in that realm...our bodies are just instruments. xx

    Mette- I have missed you. I don't think it is the blogger but it could be. I am still not used to it and it refused to do what I wanted it to do.

  7. I like the idea of being unencumbered by our physical bodies. I look forward to that day but hope it doesn't happen TOO soon. :) Your boys are in their element, as usual. Love those little faces.

    I don't know if you saw my post about your blog since I've posted a newer entry now.

    Anyway, I hope your week is full of cat kisses.

  8. Hi Grace- I know what you mean : ) The boys miss everyone as do I. Do you mean the last post? xx

  9. Hello kind friend, I tried to leave a couple comments but it is not working :(. I wanted to send hugs and kisses. I hope this one goes through. I've missed your boys and their sweet faces. Hope all is well in your world. xoxo

  10. People who claim they are constantly busy and oh so spectacularly occupied irk me
    Busy without having a really good cause, a passion to pursue is pointless...

  11. Susan- great to see you...I am so happy for you and miss you but do visit you occasionally in FB. Sending you love, all of us.

    Anna- I know what you say...great to see you xx