Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Autumnal Greetings from the City Jag and Lion....

Is it crazy busy everywhere?...We thought so.

I have had next to no time to share stories of the city jag and his brother lion, but here they are, cute as ever if not more, and precious as ever if not more.

They are still reading, reflecting, hunting, and dreaming.  They visit neighbors and ask for treats and little rubs.  They may on occasions eat someone's gold fish and/or catch some little mouse.

They listened to this while we stared at each other in the courtyard.

They sent kisses and their best wishes.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Such good taste as well as good looks. Have a great evening.

  2. Thank you Grace : ) Wishing you a beautiful evening as welll

  3. I know! Why is everything moving so fast? I'm feeling rushed these days and I wish it would all just slow down. You'd think we would have learned something from our felines by now. Daydreaming. I will practice that tomorrow.

  4. well. thank the heavens that the boys don't forget to read, meditate, and dream.


    [i have always loved that song. good reminder: we shall never pass this way again....]

  5. Never heard that song before, it's lovely and a good reminder to slow down. Thanks Mona!

    Oh the staring part! It always feels like it could go on forever. Perhaps it's our cats way of trying to hypnotize us to slow down. It often works of course! :)

  6. prairiegirl-that is exactly why I stand still and stare with them : ) Have a great day!

    marie-I love that song...drink up each moment xx

    Carolina- yes indeed...we do sometimes have staring matches and on occasions I win!! Have a great day!

  7. I forgot about that song, love the reminder along with those adorable feline faces.

    Love to you all..

    Busy, YES!

  8. Well, those are about the cutest pictures yet posted of your darling boys! The first picture looks so much like one of my five tabby outside kittens. I am hurting so much for the loss of two of my five. I think reality is setting in that they won't be returning. I know it will get better in a while.

  9. Ro- enjoy the weekend...sing as you hike xx

    dear Sanda- my heart goes out to you...it really is hard taking care of animals who don't go on leashes...wishing you peace and happiness from us all

  10. "someone's goldfish"?? what, people just leave their bowls out for anybody to taste? ;) Beautiful photos that somehow still don't do them justice. I know what you mean about being stressed. cats and to that, but they also relieve. :)