Thursday, October 25, 2012


Moments slip by too fast and it is only in the company of the cat boys that that I find the dimensions of time. I am sure you know what I mean.  The space of time has to be filled with something sweet.

So it was with immense pleasure that busy as I was I stood still for some minutes and gazed at Mr Sweet Pants who winked at me that faithful afternoon.
He hadn't been in that spot long enough when his naughty brother Ollie had to walk over with his musical gait to check that specific section of the cement courtyard.
Ollie plopped himself on the ground and rolled back and forth pretending to be testing its hardness and warmth while in fact he just wanted to be near Gus,
to be in his space and time.
Naturally Gus pretended to not be aware of this big furry orange cat in his vicinity
which prompted Ollie to sing out loud so he would not miss him.  I was impressed. satisfied lion cat...I wanted to chuckle at his facial expressions but held back.
It became time to leave, two cat boys on their way to explore the boundaries of their kingdom.

I had many thoughts and yet no specific thoughts that I wanted to be bothered with.  I just wanted to be for some moments, like them, gentle and grand.

"Simply, the thing I am shall make me live."  (William Shakespeare)

Cat boys sent kisses and their best wishes for your days.

Ciao everyone!


  1. man. o. man.
    i love that quote. that's exactly how i have been feeling the past few days.

    the photos of the boys really made me smile....their antics....ollie's gait....gussy's laying-about....

    your life is so good.

  2. marie- your life is so good

  3. Letting yourself pause, to just simply be. I cannot think of a more pleasant way to pass the time than being entertained, ever so subtlety, by sweet Gus and th' honey badger Ollie, out there on your patio, your refuge.
    Thanks for being who you are. x

  4. Such a relaxing post - Ollie singing ( ; ) and all..
    Tell me, do they hop on your lap often?

  5. Dear Mette:

    They do hop on the lap top...they have to know everything as you expect, they have to know what groceries we bought, what is in our closets...nothing should go unnoticed and so I think they should work at airport security...wishing you a great weekend xx

  6. Hello Mona

    If those two worked at the Airport - there would be many missed flights and loving eyes seeking their attention. I for one would sneak some snacks of fish for them.

    Helen xx

  7. haha, love your comments as always! :D

  8. I THOUGHT I had left a comment a few days ago; when I type responses on my iPad sometimes it doesn't "take." Oh well, just wanted to say how much I love to see cats yawn. Makes me smile. Hope your cat boys are having a purr-fectly wonderful Halloween.

  9. "No thoughts that I wanted to be bothered with..." I like that. I think cats have a way of easing the mind of those annoying thoughts we'd rather not be bothered with. Good words. Kisses to the boys. And as prairiegirl said, "Thanks for being who you are." :)

  10. I think I know what you mean and this looks so relaxing :)

  11. Little jeansy, Ollie and Augustas:
    I'm missing you. Is nothing going on out on the patio these days? Are you hibernating? Perhaps you are traveling and enjoying life...I hope so! xo

  12. Hey jeansy. Just checking in on you, Auggie and Ollie. How're things out on zee patio, hmmm???

  13. Ah, those darling cat boys! Have a great weekend, all of you! xo

  14. dear prairie gir- thank you for your lovely notes...we missed you is great to read your notes...we all send you love