Monday, November 12, 2012

Geography of Souls

Away for two weeks, yesterday I arrived. As our car pulled in by the curb that cool and sunny morning I heard the familiar meow meows of the cat boys.  As I got out I felt that I was the blank piece of jigsaw puzzle that fell right into its spot.

Life was a bit of the same and a bit different in my inside.  I had left to visit my mom who was sick, rather seriously, and spending time with her each day I felt my soul stretched to places unfamiliar for some time.

The cat boys were interested in showing me around, we noted the bird in the neighbor yard, and the house behind is the cat house with 6 big cats.  I know the cat mom and we try to keep our fellows away from each other.
The cat boys took me down the leafy path towards the back, we sniffed the air,
examined the light, noted the temps and the aridity of our surroundings.  The sounds too were crisp, not just the light and the leaves.
Mr Puffy Pants was seemingly more fluffy and yet more slender, kudos to MrLittleJeans who did not give them heaps of treats the way I do.
Mr Sweet Pants was sweeter than ever if such a thing could be possible.  He showed me himself and his clear gorgeous shadow too.
I decided to share with them something I had read that I was examining in my own self...

"And as there are inhabitants that roam the surface of the planet, sometimes alone on windswept sand dunes, sometimes congested in the city streets, so too the countryside within contains some interesting folk.  Indeed, there are multitudes within us, as well as without.  Most live and die unnamed, unknown. For multitudes are hard to become acquainted with, as the most well-meaning would hasten to point out.  Dare we count our myriad doubts and fears, question their intricate lineage and try to disentangle ourselves from their enigmatic control?  Do we care to encounter our stranger prejudices, learn how they hide themselves under our erudition or become acquainted with their characters?  Perhaps it is just as well that the multitudes within us remain nameless, that we send a cheque in their direction once in a while, that we give them a nod of acknowledgement in order to avoid taking them into account every day."  (Four on an Island_Nakhjavvani)

Augustus left to find a private corner for meditation, of course after he sent you kisses.
Ollie sat down to think and he too sent kisses.

I felt that I was different in some ways...forced to be more of myself because I was the observer in a hospital room that contained four ill people, ill to varying degrees, for twelve days for twelve hours each day.  Most of those hours were spend looking at each person, looking at those who came and left, finding the hidden humor of each moment and making sure that nothing but humor would dare express itself in the neighborhood of those ill folks.  They laughed hard, I am sure harder than they would have had they been well, they were irreverend and unmindful of their relative conditions.

I related to the passage above but in a different way, I became aware of the multitudes within that were stronger and more delightful, that had no prejudices.  I don't want to be there again but I have found hope that the worst of situations can still be the best.

We all missed our cyber buddies...good to know you are all where you are.  Stay healthy and enjoy the cat kisses.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Have missed you and the cat boys and glad you are back. I trust your mother is better and am so sorry for her illness. Sitting around in a hospital can be one of the toughest things ever. Sending kisses YOUR way this time!

  2. Thank you Sanda...great to see you too. xx

  3. sending love and lots of light to your Momma...

  4. Oh, I had visions of you running on the beach somewhere, eating avocados and enjoying espresso at an outdoor cafe.
    Next time, will you, the sweet and the fluffy let me know you are taking a break?! ;) I was getting concerned, obviously.
    Your dear mother. She needed you and I hope she is better. You were in a place where it's unfamiliar and you don't know what to expect. But, it also sounds like a bit of soul searching went on and humor in a not so funny place!
    Pet each boy for me and I'm letting the ferocious cold wind blow my kisses your way.

  5. thank you are beautiful

    prairie girl- I LIKE your visions...and yes, I will. Everything happened too was a special time really even though I would not classify it as fun...xx

  6. So sorry about your mother. I hope she is on the mend. I'm sure she and her roommates appreciated you being there for her/them. Laughter is a very good medicine.

    Kudos to the Mr. for his loving care of the cat boys in your absence. They look as dapper as ever. We're all glad you're home.

  7. "....indeed, there are multitudes within us, as well as without...." such beautiful words.

    how wonderful that your boys welcomed you home so graciously. and that mrlittlejeans tended to them so well.

    peace and love to your mother. and welcome home to you!

  8. welcome home and thank you for that exquisitely written piece - all my love, e

  9. Glad you are home to those guys of yours...
    Wishing you all wellness.

    Love the passage you've shared and your discovery of good multitudes...


  10. I wondered where you disappeared all of a sudden..
    Now I know.
    What a weary two weeks; I admire your strength and patience. Your mother is a very lucky woman to have you as her daughter.
    Coming home, must have been great, yet a bit odd.
    So happy, that you were welcomed warmly by your cat dudes : )!!

  11. Grace- thank you and congrats to you (bravo)-and yes, I am so proud of mrlittlejeans...he has even trained them to get up later!!!

    marie- I meant to write to you but it was impossible...I will now xx

    esther- thank you and hope to see you soon love

    Dee- thank you for your email...hope your sun has arrived xx

    Mette- we sure missed you and glad to see you xx

  12. Sorry to hear of your mother being ill. I hope she is recovering. I'm glad you got to spend time with her. During my sister's serious illness and mother's over the years, we always found a lot of humour despite the challenges. I'm glad you are finding the same. x

  13. Thank you Joyful for your loving comments, my mom is trying to do her best. Sending you love.

  14. I'm relieved to see you back relatively unscathed.inspiring post - as always.

  15. I admire the calm and positive energy your words emanate. As always your blog gives me a sense of balance is my cyber equivalent to taking a deep cleansing breath!
    Good to have you back and the boys :-)