Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The backyard of contentment...

We were away for a few short days...mostly in motion, just like molecules, while the cat boys chose to stay at home, uninterested in the trials of journeying amongst the masses.  Our return was interesting, Augustus meow-yelled at us and Ollie expressed discontent with the arrangement.

The only solution was to take them to the backyard of contentment, which we did.
They walked with MrLittleJeans to the backyard where they told him of their woes, first MrSweetPants
and then MrPuffyPants.  After some time spent listening to their respective cases, giving them treats, rubs and catnip, they seemed more relaxed.
MrSweetPants chose the customer service window for silent relaxation, a place to forget
and think of beautiful things.
MrPuffyPants whose dormant naughtiness was starting to wake up was on his way to break the silence
when he encountered the penetrating gaze of Augustus.
He too chose to sit and
think of beautiful things too.
I shared with them this:

"And the wayfarer, after traversing the high planes of this supernal journey, entereth the Valley of Contentment.  In this Valley he feeleth the winds of divine contentment  blowing from the plane of the spirit.  He burneth away the veils of want, and with inward and outward eye, perceiveth within and without all things the day of: "God will compensate each one out of His abundance."  From sorrow he turneth to bliss, from anguish to joy.  His grief and mourning yield to delight and rapture.

Although to outward view, the wayfarers in this Valley may dwell upon the dust, yet inwardly they are throned in the heights of mystic meaning: they eat of the endless bounties of inner significances, and drink of the delicate wines of the spirit."  (The Seven Valley and the Four Valleys)

When I saw the cat boys in deep meditation I too entered the backyard of contentment.

They sent you pawfuls of kisses and their warmest wishes.

Ciao everyone!


  1. From the look of contentment on Puffy and Sweet Pants faces, I would say they are truly happy to welcome the wayfarers home.
    Helen xx

  2. Helen: You have such a way with words...yes, they are...and so are we. xx

  3. "....although to outward view, the wayfarers in this valley may dwell upon the dust, yet inwardly they are throned in the heights of mystic meaning...."

    wow. simply: wow.

    you always seem to know which readings give the most meaning to the subject at hand: must be divine guidance....


  4. lol, those half closed eyes do look menacing ... well, if you know you're up to no good, anyway ;) welcome back! :)

  5. Esther-- xxx

    marie- a favorite of mine too this passage...we were all thinking about it.... xoxo

    Nancy- : ) he does have a half dozen eye expressions for communicating with us...it is too funny...thank you and good to see you xx

  6. Sleepy, happy kitties. They missed you!!

    Our cats are chilly right now, so they are extra cuddly. Not such a bad thing :).

  7. Yes, naturally the boys had to share their happenings privately, and good that MrLJ was available.

    Do you feel, that when coming home, having been away for a while, the cat dudes behave sort of reserved for a while, or are they like nothing ever happened?

    Sending my kisses your way -

  8. Hannah- I am sure they missed us but we perhaps missed them more...thank you for stopping by

    Marilla- xx

    dear Mette- yes indeed, thanks to MrLJ...I am always surprised at their memory. They are not in auto mode where they immediately pick up where left off. First they have to settle the issues and then they forgive us. They have not forgotten things for up to 2-3 weeks. On this trip I visited another cat that we had given to my in-laws and even he seemed to remember! xx