Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Removing Strangeness From the Heart....

We were spending moments together..the light fell on us in round bubbles.
The squirrel considered himself near and at home and thought to stop and smell the roses so to speak.
Mr Sweet Pants felt that nearness and simply looked,
at least for a moment or two before the cat inside of him woke up.
Mr Puffy Pants was not to be distracted by such lovey dovey things,
he wanted to pounce and hug that squirrel or maybe just teach him a lesson.

We reflected on this:

O friend, the heart is the dwelling place of eternal mysteries, make it not the home of fleeting fancies..Thou comest from the world of holiness, bind not thine heart to the earth; thou art a dweller in the court of nearness, choose not the homeland of dust.  (Hidden Words)

Cat boys enjoyed their reflection and reported that they would continue with the squirrel chases!  They sent their best wishes for this Wednesday and many many cat kisses!

Ciao everyone!


  1. That is one model squirrel! And the boys are beautiful as usual!

  2. Allison- great to see you and happy wednesday...thank you for visiting xx

    Nancy- thank you, that is a big compliment from someone with gorgeous kitties..x

  3. as always: beautiful and meaningful reading.

    that squirrel. he made my day.


  4. Mr sweet pants, he's got some w I l d in him doesn't he?! Looking like a real good stalker there. Squirrels are fun. Fun for the whole family!
    Nice quote. You're so good at that. xo

  5. sanda- thank you,,,writing to you as I am trapped in an airport!

    marie- I will send that squirrel to you : ) xx

    prairiegirl- : ) you know it dear friend xx

  6. Oh how can the cat boys resist a chase with the visiting squirrel? Perhaps because they know of the "fleeting fancy" of squirrels. And they're more attuned to eternal mysteries. In fact when gazing into those eyes, I'm sure of it.

    Many cat kisses back! :)

  7. I feel the squirrel is arranging the altar flowers in preparation for your reading. Messers Puffy and Sweet Pants are being respectful and devout.
    A beautiful reading

    Helen xx