Wednesday, January 23, 2013

last saturday

when the skies were clear and the cat boys were electric we went to the backyard urban jungle...the leaves that were present were green, the way they faced the sunny skies made me want to have more than a memory image and so I took one picture.
Not far away the soft ginger cat was peeking through the neighbor patio drain
where his glances met those of the sweet jaguar cat..they pretended that they did not know each other.
Was there a way to reach across the wall?
When Mr Sweet Pants sprung up on the patio wall I noticed that he was now a big boy cat
with a little kitten soul but still a big boy cat.
Ollie was impressed.
Facing a different direction more leaves caught our eyes...yes, it is winter but somedays are just so bright showing us glimpses of the spring to come.
None of us had any profound thoughts that morning, so mesmerized by the beauty of the spaces around us and the warm spaces within our hearts.

Cat boys made cat kisses and blew them in the air for you.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Nice shots of the palms and leaves against the blue sky. I like the contrast:)

  2. Thank you Mark, how is your baby? Good to see you. I posted by accident ...our thoughts were not complete but that is ok I suppose.

    Kerin- Hi! Would you believe if I said that I was just thinking of you this morning? I was ...we were xxx

  3. i like your kind of winter, green & alive
    i like those cat boys of yours, so sunny & bright!


  4. Nancy- I love these winters now even though in the beginning they seemed odd...those cat boys love you as do I xx

  5. What sweet pictures of the boys peeping through the patio drain. I just love a cat's curiosity.

  6. I'm every so slightly envious of your blue skies and sunny days perfect for cat boys to explore and sniff around. Here is nothing but grey skies and slush that make me oine for the summer

  7. I'm enamoured by those boys. Truly I am. What fantastic pics of your jungle and sky! So BLUE.
    Joy and contentment are prevalent in your world these days. Kitty kisses from mine to yours. xxxx

  8. sanda- that game never gets old and I marvel each time..thank you for your sweetest words xx

    anna- i understand your envy because I too would be but just to let you know it is dripping here big time and the forecast is for several days of it...the cat boys are very silent and unapproving! have a great day and may the sun visit you soon xx

    prairiegirl- thank you for the kitty kisses...we are thankful for the skies and the green...there is very little open space here so we are thankful for every

  9. Amazing cat pictures once again. How do you do it?
    Lots of patience is needed naturally.
    And the blue sky, sigh.
    XXX your way!

  10. those photos:
    ollie gazing upwards.
    augustus peering through a drain hole.

    even without profound thoughts or a meaningful reading, this post blessed my heart.


  11. You could win a photo contest with that one of Augustus looking through the tunnel. So precious!!!

    I hope you're doing well. I'm glad you have blue sky again. Hopefully the temps have warmed up too. Yesterday the fog lifted momentarily around here. It was back today but a little warmer, thank God.

    Love your boys. Give them kisses for me.

  12. that tunnel picture KILLS me : what a cute pair (or trinity, including your self ;0)

  13. Your bit of sun warms my heart, it is soooo cold here and snowing almost everyday! The cat boys look so healthy and happy!