Monday, January 28, 2013

they have two moves for you....

Mr Sweet Pants did the downward cat stretch while
Mr Puffy Pants chose the more challenging lift the left leg up in the air stretch.

Their moves were characterized simultaneously by enthusiasm and hesitation.

We reflected on this while they continued with their fancy moves:

"Always do right, this will gratify some and astonish the rest."  -Mark Twain

The cat boys wished for you moments of gratitude and astonishment and they sent to you pawfuls of kisses this beautiful Monday morning!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Laughing out loud, i am!!!
    my cheers to ypU, the photographer, on these photos, as my yoga stretching poses are protected via a studio that is a "closed set!"

    JUST 2 Cute, they are!!!

  2. Nancy- and I am sure you know that these are only some of their moves, : ) xoxo

  3. yoga experts :-))))
    sending everyone my love and kisses

  4. LOL too!
    Those guys!
    xo to you Mona...And your Yogis.

  5. WOOPEE!!!

    I got the captcha on the first shot!
    I find them so hard...And then I want to know where I screwed the darn thing up...*sigh*
    Need yoga lessons from the boys...To calm myself.


  6. How precious! I love that "Downward cat stretch" as you so aptly call it. Isn't it funny how all cats do the same things and yet their have their own unique personalities too?

    Love Mark Twain too. Great quote. I think I'll go astonish someone now.

    Cat kisses to you too!

  7. Anna- caught your smiles and kisses : )

    Dee- they do offer yoga lessons as well as wrestling lessons xoxo

  8. LAUGHING!!!!
    Oh man, those poses are priceless. I'm not astonished at all by what those boys can do, but it does please me that they are entertaining as well as in shape.
    Mona dear, I needed this today!

  9. Prairie girl- they do have a lot on their little minds and they never stop surprising me xx

  10. When I do yoga, my cats are very interested in me/my mat. Cats and yoga go together nicely :).

    Hope it's a wonderful week for you!

  11. oh. my. goodness.
    this made me laugh.
    thank you.

    [i can do the augustus downward cat move, but cannot quite stretch my leg as nicely as ollie.]

    love the quote!

  12. I am continually amazed at your ability to catch the cat boys at just the right moment for photographs. This is more difficult than it seems! I try all the time to get good photos of my cats but they always seem to move, or tuck their faces down just as I snap. Congratulations on your kitty skills!!!

  13. Boy, my previous post, just minutes ago, looks like a local labrador dog wrote it. That will show you what yesterday's ten hour day did for me. Oh fresh my mind!

    I am envious of the kitty's ability to so gracefully race its leg, and not only that, keep it straight. Oh those were the days

  14. Funny, your cats' poses are similar to what I do in yoga:)

  15. Grace, that is indeed the case, they each do their stretches with a little touch of their own...That is funny what you said about astonishing someone...I think I better do the same xx

    Hannah- so funny, I have been doing dance steps in front of my cats and they think it is incredible : )

    sanda- most of my photos are quite bad...they do move a lot : )

    mrs gnat- a labrador that can is like the dog in family guy, very talented : )

    marie- I am always laughing at them, only don't let them see me or else it will be trouble xx

    Mark- yes indeed except the second move is kind of difficult : )