Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This is how it was...

early this morning.  I decided to view the old stomping grounds down the street so we three went there for a few moments and then we returned quickly.

 Mr Puffy Pants likes to eat salad every chance that he gets and so he got busy eating.
 Mr Sweet Pants just crossed the gate to say that he had done so but really was not interested in the open fields and the ditches.
They look very funny when they explore new or old new things and places.

Unfortunately this time of the day is too dark for decent photography of the rascal cats so you have to come along and walk with us for several moments.

We share with you a thought form Tagore.

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.  (Rabindranath Tagore)

We wish you praiseworthy and memorable moments and floods of cat kisses.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Oh what lucky boys to have all that freedom! It's so good to see them in action, they're Movie Stars now!!!

  2. Nancy- they crack me up...wish I could capture their shenanigans better xx

  3. I loved walking with Puffy and Sweet Pants and a beautiful message about time and how to use it
    Helen xx

  4. Isn't it so fun to observe them explore the new? They tip-toe around, looking at you for reassurance or the go ahead. Or like Sweet Pants, nonchalantly easing his way back to the gate, where its safe. They do love their greens! I grow wheatgrass in a pot just for them to nibble.
    What a fun walk we all had. Let's go there again sometime!

  5. very sweet quote.

    and those boys: gadabouts.


  6. Lol, luv the "salad" eating. Do cats do that when they have stomach aches? I know dogs do.

  7. I love the high speed chase video! it looks like they have somewhere important to be.

    no pun intended.

    those boys can RUN.


  9. helen- walking with them is actually quite fun, rounding them up is a different story...I too like that quote...xx

    prairiegirl- they have accepted us as part of their pack. Our cat boys don't like wheatgrass (!!!). Ollie likes street grass and loves oat grass...glad you enjoyed our walk xoxo

    marie- xoxo

    Mark- I think they just eat it for digestion not only for stomach aches because Ollie is a real salad muncher : )

    dandysandy- you know how it is, Ollie knows how to get Gussy going : )

    marie- I too am very impressed with their runs...they do that everyday those little speed bullets xoxo

  10. Hi friends, we came back!!!
    Nice adventures, hã?

  11. Great to see your boys in motion : )!!