Friday, February 1, 2013

Cats love trees

We three walked up and down our street early this morning and then on to the condo back yard.
As we strolled and/or ran we made sure to take note of the beauty around us.
One thing is certain, and that is that our city has beautiful trees, many of them already scaled by the lion and the jag.

This one down the street will be all green in spring all the way up to next winter.  Both boys have been up this tree chasing mice.
This one in our condo back yard has been scaled by both cat boys and once Mr PuffyPants went so far up that I had to get the ladder.   Before my arrival he tossed himself down the tree and then stayed home for a few days.  This is back when he was a young Puffy Pants.
This one is the residence of neighborhood squirrels.  They live up there and we three are envious of their home, high up, beautiful vista, catches the morning sun, although it is spiky.
This one is in the yard next door, a huge tree whose roots are literally moving the structures nearby.  The tree cannot be touched because of law but one of these days as an entire wall collapses something will be done.  Squirrels run up the branches of this tree and so does Mr Sweet Pants.
This is a personal favorite because of its bare look and is still pretty with leaves on.  It just occurred to me that I should have gotten some scientific names for these trees just to make this post more worthwhile.  Still this is a beauty..the white and the blue are very pleasing.  This tree is in our complex too.
I asked the cat boys how they felt about trees.  They discussed it amongst themselves.
This is how Mr Sweet Pants feels about trees, and
this is how Mr Puffy Pants feels about them.
You could say that we three love trees.
"Ahem, we do", indicated Gus.

I read to the cat boys this:

"We cannot segregate the human heart from the environment outside us and say that once one of these is reformed everything will be improved.  Man is organic with the world.  His inner life mould the environment and is itself also deeply affected by it.  The one acts upon the other and every abiding change in the life of man is the result of these mutual interactions..." 
(Shoghi Effendi, compilation on Socio-Economic Development)

Cat boys filled their paws with kisses and sent them your way for a beautiful weekend.

Ciao everyone!


  1. they look adorable. I wonder how often does Mr. Puffy bants get brushed? His coat looks so shiny and tangle free

  2. Anna- Mr Puffy Pants gets brushed twice a day...great to see you and hope you have a great weekend. xx

  3. Beautiful, lovable faces! Give them a cuddle for me :)

  4. I *heart* your trees! Also the quote. Your boys are very brave and daring. They actually stroll down the street with you? :) As usual, I'm grinning from ear to ear. Especially the part when you had to find a ladder and then...!
    This was perfect!

  5. those boys and their expressions.

    and, those trees! i love trees, also....


  6. Those cat boys know how to appreciate real beauty. Love trees, even when bare in winter.

  7. Haha those faces, we love trees as well :)

  8. Ah, so cute in the trees!! My kitties are jealous.

  9. Oh the power of trees, and you have gorgeous huge trees in your neighborhood! I loved to climb trees when I was younger but I never did catch a squirrel, and once I almost went too high!

  10. prairiegirl-thank you and what you see is just a small sampling, our city has such a variety of trees. Yes, indeed the boys walk down the street with us, in fact, if I want to walk alone I have to sneak through the garage, they are like private investigators and will tail or lead me everywhere! Thank you for being you. xx

    marie- they are funny, aren't they? xoxo

    sanda- you are so right, they are only attracted to beauty and nice smells : )

    Carolina- thank you , they send you love

    Hannah- we have to remind them that most kitties don't get to venture out as much when they complain- do your kitties have cat trees at home? I am thinking of one.

    Marilia- good to see you

    ShannonAnn- the power of trees indeed...I did too, and still love to but cannot go too high : ) Happy new week...xo

  11. Precious post, as usual! I love trees too although that palm with a threatening root system, maybe not so much. It's sweet how your boys were seeking privacy to discuss the tree matter and then let you know--with those adoring faces--that they are indeed tree cats although I will say that I'm glad Mr. PuffyPants has matured just enough to keep from going too high.We humans worry. Sending kisses.

  12. Grace- thank you...I too wonder about that Palm,,so top heavy! xx

  13. Spotted you on Mette's blog and loved your movie/music pics so had to pop over! Also quite jealous that you are brainy enough to be a scientist!

  14. lol, your conversations seem like so much fun!