Thursday, February 14, 2013

what one remembers...

When we were growing up our father would tell us a lot about horses and wild animals, acrobats and lions.  He would take us to the Russian circus when they were in town and tell us about how they traveled and how they trained.

When he was going to buy a car he first asked us if we'd rather have a horse instead?  We already had five dogs, a cat, two canaries, and a parrot.

I was pretty certain at that time, maybe I was four or five, that we were going to join a circus, that we would be gypsies traveling from land to land.  I was already taking lessons in playing the accordion.

I am not sure what brought this memory to the forefront of my memory bank but today when I saw the jag and the lion, perhaps for an instant in my heart and in my head I re-experienced my early childhood imaginations.  Those days I was certain that I would be surrounded by tigers and lions.

Mr Sweet Pants made a pretty scene strolling on the high wall,
and as he scaled down, silently and skillfully.
Gingerella, Mr Puffy Pants, followed suit.
Oh yes...he was ready to greet his brother and me.

Last night a super talented friend and graduate student in astrophysics at my school gave a talk about science and religion.  She spoke of the galaxies and the primordial soup and the musical waves that densified and became atoms and the atoms that became us.  She reminded us of how we were all made of stardust.

I shared with the cat boys.

"O Son of Bounty! Out of the wastes of nothingness, with the clay of My command I made thee to appear, and have ordained for thy training every atom in existence and the essence of all created things."  (Hidden Words)

So much to say but for today it has to be said in brief notes-

Happy Valentine's day and cat kisses to you all!



  1. Happy Valentines Day to you and the doodles!

  2. And if you'd joined the circus, what would've been your job - apart from playing the accordion? ... so, what did you respond, on the question whether to get a car or a horse?!

  3. What a sweet thought for Valentine's, we're all made of stardust :-)
    Much more meaningful that the cards, the roses and all the chocolate.
    Wishing you a happy weekend!

  4. I want to know...Didi we have the same father???!!! Gypsies, the circus, the animals. Me too!
    I smiled when you said the accordian. I can see that! How awesome.
    I know, even today, you'd want a horse instead. ;)

  5. Dandy Sandy- Grrrr!

    Nancy- we did get a horse first but he really needed a car : )

    coffeeaddict- I thought the xxx

    prairiegirl- you are funny...who doesn't smile when they hear the word "accordion"...I was thinking I should get therapy for that xoxo

  6. So much poetically said in such a small space - leaves the reader with a gentle breeze of words circling the heart

  7. HELLO! What a beautiful post! When I was a little girl, I went to the circus and I was so fascinated, I kept dreaming about joining the circus and living in a caravan.

    My father was very realistic, but he bought me birds, hamsters and even a big old tortoise!

    I hopew you had a lovely Valentine's day.

    Your boy cats are so beautiful and full of life. I wish I could hold them in my arms...

    Creation and the Universe are a big mystery to me and I believe will stay so. Some things are just too big and important to be comprehended by the human mind. Believing in God would be the easy solution and answer, but I find religion very hard to embrace.



  8. such a magical post!

    your jag and lion are quite captivating....


  9. lovely gnat- you have a generous loving heart that is very encouraging to all and to us xx

    Anna- You too!! Circuses were fascinating, weren't they? I know what you mean by big mysteries, even people who believe in God don't really understand the mysteries...and i know what you mean by having a hard time to believe in religion...we can allow ourselves to be in awe though and that is a great feeling ...I too wish you could hug the cat boys..they are very loving ...wishing you a delightful weekend xoxo

    marie- smooches to YOU

  10. Circus thoughts.
    Big cat thoughts.
    Little cat thoughts.
    Stardust thoughts...

    Always a thoughtful, inspiring place to visit, today more so...
    Thank you so much for all of this Mona.

  11. What a cool memory--it was fun to hear it.

    We ARE all made of stars!

  12. i love the thought of us all being made of stardust..

  13. I love the knowledge that we are all made of stardust, and that we really are one with the universe! I am not surprised that you have a yearning for the circus, your cat boys may be small in size, but huge in stature.
    Sending some cat hugs your way today!

  14. Thank you for your lovely visits dear friends...the cats would have loved to come and bring each of you treats if they only could. : )