Wednesday, November 6, 2013

one Sunday morning not too long ago...

To be frank, had someone told me ten years ago that I'd be sitting on a patio one beautiful Sunday morning doing brunch with two cat boys...I would have said, "whaaa"?

And now, here I am in the company of two cat boys, one Sunday morning.
This is how we live.

Mr Sweet Pants was both slanky and in good humor after eating his Tuna and Turkey Tickles.
He decided to sit on the patio wall and check the neighborhood from that vista instead of doing the rounds on foot.
The cyclamen had multiplied and thrived in the cool sunshine that our patio offered.
The rascal Gingerella, Mr Puffy Pants, who loves grass and so I make pot after pot of green grass,
was munching away!
Munch, munch, munch,, he made such a cute sound.
He then decided to check my plate, which naturally is his plate.

I can only be filled with gratitude at this turn of events....

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life. ~Rumi

Mr Sweet Pants and Mr Puffy Pants send their best purrs and best wishes and little kisses.

Ciao everyone!


  1. i love *everything* about this post:
    the quote!
    that shiny coat augustus wears.
    the funny face ollie makes as he munches grass.
    your plate of food.

    kisses on the wind!

  2. Isn't it incredible how much joy and love the little four pawed darlings bring into our lives. I always say I can spot a person who's never had pets. It's like their hearts have never been fully expanded

  3. So much sweetness and much to be grateful for! Add my love to the mix. Xo's

  4. My cat has changed my life. I never realized how much joy a pet could bring into my life until I got Ruby :)

  5. sweetestfox- I know you brunch with furry ones

    coffeeaddict- I totally agree however it appears that it is not their own fault and they have a part missing in their brain : )

    ShannonAnn- great to see you and I know you know real gratitude in all circumstances xoxo

    optimist- you have a lucky and personally I think cats bond in special way with men, don't you...

  6. I once had a cat that begged at the table just as my dogs always have. It was so cute! and he would eat practically anything from the table. Gosh, aren't pets the best??

  7. OMG the boys out-adorabled themselves today! (or last Sunday;) And of course your plate is their plate (the problem comes when they no longer want to share;)

  8. I mustn't forget to wear my cloak.
    Gratitude. I have to be reminded.
    Pots & pots of grass. I know!
    Sunday brunch with the cats. Can't think of better company! ;)

  9. Sanda- you had a special kitty : ) this fellow is nosy but never eats from the plate...yes, indeed, pets are the best

    Nancy...thank you...they crack me up and I know you know that already : )

    prairiegirl- yes, me too, must wear that cloak all the time...a practice xxx