Tuesday, November 5, 2013

When I tell my friends that

I am going away to Nebraska for a few days they all chuckle at my excitement!!!

What I love about visiting Nebraska is the direct contrast to the landscape that I leave behind for a few fast days.  You might know that the population of the Los Angeles area is greater than the entire population of Canada or of Australia.  That alone should tell you that people here live together in a social experiment.  We practice to live together without hurting each other, and that is all good...

but we do miss

the open skies, the clean air, the golden fields that have no complaints about how they were treated.
the roads that are actually clean and uncluttered with only the necessary number of billboards, no intrusion on the skies, marketing ploys kept to a minimum.

This is a tough place for a city dweller because we are used to orient ourselves using various benchmarks, something that is clearly missing here in the open fields.  The landscape changes all the time because these clever farmers keep doing things such as planting or plowing or harvesting and so it is easy to become disoriented, and the clouds come and go rapidly too.
Here is a field waiting to be harvested. The one above is done and maybe waiting to be seeded for another crop.
In my in-law's front yard this plant was growing as well as many other colorful ones. I fell in love with these leaves.
One day we drove over the Platte, serene and flat...I am only sorry that the Sandhill Cranes had already left.  You might know that these cranes migrate twice a year between Canada and the warmer southern lands but stop midway here to restore and replenish.
I was ready to strut the streets with my red shoes. 

Actually I wore these for the football game that we were to go to at the Lincoln Memorial Stadium...I knew that I would be readily accepted as a fan with these shoes.

This little fellow, Fugie is his name, is a California boy who chose to live in Nebraska.  He is very happy living with the in-laws.  He hunts various critters and is a lightweight bad ass when the situation calls for.

Tough as it always is to leave the clean blue-skyed state for the hustle and bustle of the City of Angels, we were most pleased to come back to the cat boys...one Mr Puffy Pants siting out on the patio wall,
and one Mr Sweet Pants waiting out on the front door steps.
Yup, life came back to normal rather rapidly here with these cat boys.

When I am going away to Nebraska for a few days my friends chuckle at my excitement!
When I return I chuckle back at their astonishment!

Catboys sent you pawfuls of kisses and their best November wishes!

Ciao everyone!


  1. love that lightweight badass fugie....he's got that look on his face, like he's ready to tackle the next fieldmouse that comes along....

    i'm sure the boys missed you.
    and i missed you, too.

    love and hugs and kisses on the wind.


  2. Such a pleasant change of pace for you. I wondered if you'd see the cranes, but I suppose they've moved on. Maybe next time!
    Your pictures depict exactly what is seen going through Nebraska. Chad and I've gone through there numerous times and our random chant for a couple of hours is hollering out the word "CORN!."
    Clean air, wide sky. Glad you got your fill. x

  3. Andrea- great to see you too xoxo

    marie- that Fugie is quite a hunter...you would love him for sure ...always thinking of you xoxo

    prairiegirl- yes, a pleasant change, and yes, I have to see the cranes...fascinating land....so funny, you too hollering CORN : )

    Optimist- yes, do visit and make sure it coincides with the Crane migrations or the Willa Cather literary event in Spring...thank you for your visit

  4. sometimes we need the visual and auditory break from the "polluted" urban environment. I really love going to the countryside, the sky at night is incredible for starters. And the calm serene fields and forests tell you it's okay to just sit still, breathe the fresh air and do nothing.
    The pictures of Nebraska are spectacular!


  5. Nebraska looks so beautiful and so quiet, I wouldn't mind spending a calming vacation there!
    "lightweight badass" hehe, cutie.