Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"OOh, it's wet outside,

time to sniff the plants", says Augustus.

And "let's not get our paws wet", he thinks to himself.

Ollie dude is scoping the area for big lions and other wild animals
before he can head over
to the same plant in order to sniff the wet leaves. "So yummy", he meows to me.
The drizzle has cut into our excursions but dudes don't mind it too much.

Early this morning after our excursion we decided to pick up our reading...we have been slacking off.

Augustus assumes the listening pose,

getting ready to meditate,




"O thou who hast eyes to see! ... The perfume is intimately commingled and blended with the bud, and once the bud hath opened the sweet scent of it is spread abroad. The herb is not without its fruit, although it seemeth so, for in this garden of God every plant exerteth its own influence and hath its own properties, and every plant can even match the laughing, hundred-petalled rose in rejoicing the sense with its fragrance. Be thou assured of this. Although the pages of a book know nothing of the words and the meanings traced upon them, even so, because of their connection with these words, friends pass them reverently from hand to hand. This connection, furthermore, is purest bounty. When the human soul soareth out of this transient heap of dust and riseth into the world above, then veils will fall away, and verities will come to light, and all things unknown before will be made clear, and hidden truths be understood...." Selections AB

while Ollie calls his mice to order,
tries to listen upside down,
then right side up,
perhaps while giving his mouse a good nibbling.
We think that he is entirely blown away!!!

Cat dudes filled their wet paws with kitty kisses and blew them in the air to wish everyone a week of delights.



  1. oh and i'm the first to catch a catkiss this morning!

    hello, ollie and augustus.
    thank you for sharing the writings: thank you for allowing me to join into the readings.

    now that i have worded up, i'm ready to start my day of cleaning/sorting in my sewing room/studio: angelo will be helping.

    bye: love to all....

  2. Painfully cute. Some beautiful pictures of your guys.

    I wonder--where did you get that sculpture/cat bed? It is so awesome---I would love to have one like that my little (well, not so little) kitties! It is the perfect shape!

  3. marie-that angelo is a lucky one, we hope to visit him xoxo

    Hannah- it is from a company called Marmalade that is discontinuing its products. I noticed you can still get them at Amazon...dudes love them!

    Adrienne- hearts right back at ya' xoxo

  4. yes, sort of like cat sculpture a la noguchi!

  5. It is always a pleasure to check in with your kitties. I love today's quote and the pictures of kitties listening.

  6. ...looks like all things unknown with the cat boys is made clear...Count Ollie's getting a bit ghoulish these days...& Augustus rather skittish...

  7. I am MELTING. Ollie's little teeth showing in that last shot is KILLING. Soooooooo cute.
    I, for one, am loving the drizzle. Let it rain!!

  8. Looks like a fun time. Hope you're having a good week! Thanks for the sweet comment. You're the best! xx

  9. Kerin-I looked up Noguchi...it is appealing, one side of me leans heavily towards dry and clean looks, thanks for the lesson Mme Art Professor xo

    Susan- love your cat going to spa

    Nancy- Count Ollie! LOL I wish I could dress those boys.

    Alice- I like to see your boys in action, they are so precious, we need to start the Precious Cat Club xo

    LBR- so you like that shot of him...he is too funny. I want you to know that those teeth are sharp! xoxo

    Anne- Thank you for visiting us...these guys love pretty ladies, they are so naughty! xoxo

  10. I was in Pasadena all day yesterday and looked for your kitties but it was raining and I think they were inside reading by the fire.


  11. Just wanted to tell you that your kitties make me smile.