Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cat boys do not lack readiness...

if they only could learn to handle labware I would hire them instantly because I have yet to know any human forms that display their eager readiness to do any task. For them there is no ordinary, they live in the realm of always new and extraordinary.

Alas, alas...they are furry and the laboratory is not a good place for them, the noises, the artificial light, molecules that escape their containers to float in the air which may tickle their little noses!

When we were having this discussion one particularly lovely day
Ollie went into deep thought. He was torn between management positions, outdoor supervision, gardening, and bird hunting where he would be allowed to also spend time meditating!

Note that Ollie is sporting a feline Michael Jackson look, he has one wrist bare to look more punkish!!!
Augustus was more resolute, and exclaimed that he would gladly take care of the birds and the squirrels_which meant that he was interested in animal control without the khaki uniform. He wanted to be an under cover agent!

The squirrel was confused.

We decided to momentarily reflect upon this unrelated theme only because I could not get my thoughts focused too, I really wanted their readiness:

"In creation there is no evil; all is good. Certain qualities and natures innate in some men and apparently blameworthy are not so in reality. For example, from the beginning of his life you can see in a nursing child the signs of desire, of anger, and of temper. Then, it may be said, good and evil are innate in the reality of man, and this is contrary to the pure goodness of nature and creation. The answer to this is that desire, which is to ask for something more, is a praiseworthy quality provided that it is used suitably. So, if a man has the desire to acquire science and knowledge, or to become compassionate, generous, and just, it is most praiseworthy. If he exercises his anger and wrath against the bloodthirsty tyrants who are like ferocious beasts, it is very praiseworthy; but if he does not use these qualities in a right way, they are blameworthy. Then it is evident that in creation and nature evil does not exist at all; but when the natural qualities of man are used in an unlawful way, they are blameworthy."

Ollie appeared puzzled and I realized that he does not know what evil is, and that is a good thing. I had to control myself as I was about to lunge towards him for some kisses.

Cat dudes made pawfuls of kisses for you. Enjoy!



  1. I am siding with Ollie today

    "In creation there is no evil; all is good"

    Augustus I do not know where you stand on this but I send you kisses as a form bribery.


  2. helen- you made me laugh so hard, I have to bribe Augustus all the time, he is very delicate on the inside and tough on the outside.... xoxo

  3. "in creation there is no evil; all is good."

    wow. i'm going to think on that tonight as i say my prayers.

    [ollie! really? a bare wrist??]

    love and kisses to all!


  4. fox- we are thinking about the same; and Ollie's bare wrist is from his emergency clinic visit where he got his IV but we decided it is a feline fashion statement...he looks like a poodle cat : ) xoxo

  5. hehe, yeah, just one poodle wrist is more punk than a matching set. ;)

  6. So glad to see Ollie back and sporting a new wrist band.
    A reminder that "All is good"

    Have a wonderful weekend Mona

  7. oy, saw your activity on Etsy - you're spoiling me Snickles! :D I'll have to send you a little something extra :)

  8. It seems, at least with my cat kingdom, that age has something to do with desire. Older cats are wiser and know the folly of animal patrol. Younger cats lack that wisdom or perhaps have it misplaced in a sort of manic mandate for the chase. Both of your babies are beautiful!

  9. I hope your poodle kitty is fully mended by now.

    It is good to know there is a place for desire.

    Kitties hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.


  10. You and your boys have been so busy, I don't know how I missed it all. Sending you great big hugs and kisses! XO

  11. thank you dear friends...the boys are busy, you are busy, I am busy, we are thankful that we get to exchange hellos and send love once in a while...xxxx