Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rain was in the forecast (and then part II)

and I shared the news with Mr Puffy Pants.

It did not go over well.
He had an emotional fainting once here

and later here.
I told him that I had nothing to do with it, and that sometimes water had to pour down from the skies.

Now, we go to Part II, which is going to be titled

"What happens between 5 and 7 a.m. on a rainy day"

or, alternatively,

"Sometimes my little wishes come true!"

One of my little wishes is to simply be able to sit on these stairs in a space that is not strangled with demands. On this rainy morning after the cat boys spent a good hour outside that little wish came true because it started to rain and good boys that Ollie and Gussy are, they did not want to get their furs too wet. So, in they came and that is how my wish came true.

I quickly made a cup of tea, ran up the stairs, said a small prayer because I wanted to create that space, sat down on the stairs, and started looking out my hourglass life with my companions about. Of course the big companion was upstairs sleeping.
Mr Sweet Pants made a spot for himself above my head, still not too pleased that he had to be indoors.
And Mr Puffy Pants was playing the game of running up and down, to him every moment is a moment reserved for games.
He decided to investigate the narrow space between the rug and the comforter on the floor.
Does anyone know what that big lump is?
Peek-a-boo! I wonder who that is under the covers...
Two paws?? I wonder whose they are!!!
Mr Sweet Pants wondered about his brother.
Now Mr Sweet Pants is drinking tea.
And now he is absorbed into another world, another wave of rain, the rapid drip drip of the October sky that was oh so blue yesterday had him mesmerized.
He is too precious for words, his little tongue sticks out when he tries to think very hard.
Mr Puffy Pants finds his own corner and
reflects quietly
as I read to him....


The first call of the Beloved is this: O mystic nightingale! Abide not but in the rose-garden of the spirit. O messenger of the Solomon of love! Seek thou no shelter except in the Sheba of the well-beloved, and O immortal phoenix! dwell not save on the mount of faithfulness. Therein is thy habitation, if on the wings of thy soul thou soarest to the realm of the infinite and seekest to attain thy goal.

Later he will recite this to Mr Sweet Pants.

Cat boys send you faithful kisses and lovely wishes...



  1. Wow, that fainting certainly looks...emotional;) We've had a lot of rain lately too.

  2. Your cats are hams. My cat often sat before the window on a rainy day and whispered. I used to think she was praying, that's what I still tell me. Animals know a secret, the one we've forgotten. I'll bet you enjoyed your quiet moment. :) Thanks for the great comment.

  3. Mark- Our ginger cat has a lot of emotional episodes, we are thinking of sending him to drama school. Enjoy the rain.

    Laila- the cat boys say thank you. I would love to know exactly what they are thinking but they are so sly...good to see you. : )

  4. So freaking cute. I love when cats watch "kitty tv" (aka windows).

  5. rainfall can be such a blessing... time taken a little slower or faster if one is out in it... time to wash away our woes... time to see the richer color in all we look at. and time to giggle at the way that cat takes news of wet weather:P

  6. I agree with Mic that Puffy cat and his dramatic fainting spells!!!!TOO FUNNY!!

    I loved all of the pictures but my favorite may be the paws and comforter shot c u t e.

    Glad you got a chance to sit and reflect. "hour glass life" :(


  7. "....said a small prayer because i wanted to create that space...."
    lovely words: i feel you on this one.

    [introspective mister sweet pants.
    swooning mister puffy pants.
    love them both.]


  8. Rug investigation is always fun! and when changing the bed sheets, I always find a mysterious lump...

  9. Hannah- kitty tv : ) I like watching kitty tv too : )

    Sage- thank you for the lovely comment xx

    Ro- I love the emotional spells too and he has far too many : ) xoxo

    pencil- I knew you could relate xx

    carolina- should we report the lump issue to the FBI? : )

  10. This is an interesting blog! I love the cats (being a massive cat lover!) but I feel there is also an underlined purpose to this blog and a connection between the cats and "something else"... I need to read more... I think I might be right (puzzle... puzzle...)

    The cats are fantastic! I love all the photos!


  11. Thank you and I both, massive cat lovers...and yes, by accident our cats are both sassy and philosophical and so I try to understand them...I love your blog too, I was copying recipes : )