Monday, October 24, 2011

Re-emerging rhythms....

Our routines disrupted with Mr Puffy Pants' upset stomach, we are starting to restore the rhythm of things, bit by bit.
I noted that the palm leaves appeared more vibrant one dark, one light, one dark, one light...
Mr Puffy Pants was on an afternoon stroll with me tasting fresh grass that had surely sprung out for him.
Exploring various sounds, me standing behind just to make sure...just to keep him company.

Meanwhile back in the condo our rag doll Sweet Pants was resting exhausted from his long day of inspection and supervision. I had to chuckle when I noted that even his long tail appeared tired!
I wondered what he was dreaming of.
his tired paw shaking rhythmically to the beat of his dreams.
We all felt good....and craved for rhythm of the best kind.

Cat boys wished all a week of joyful rhythms....they said that kisses will be sent out in rhythmic bundles....



  1. I think I love kitty paws more than anything!...

  2. kerin, you have chosen a good kitty part to love : )

  3. I bet it feels good to be back in step! I'm happy for all of you!

    Raggedy Augustus, dreaming, no more blues except the skies!


  4. Dance to the rhythms! a jitterbug perhaps...

  5. I want to stroke your cats and kiss them! I love them... you make me miss my beautiful big cat Henry! I wish he were still here... I want him back!

    Thank you for sharing images and stories about your lovely, lovely cats! The close ups are so sweet!


  6. Sam- yes, the cats dance when I am not looking xx

    Anna- I bet they would love your kisses... and they are always willing to travel : )

  7. How good to see Ollie back on his feet again. A small. worried look in his eyes yet, but anyhow, on his way back to feeling well : )

  8. I'm so glad Ollie is feeling better.

    Gussie's tired tail made me laugh.


  9. Dear Mette- he is so much better, except we have to wait for his shaved belly to get furry again, they had to shave his belly for ultrasound : )

    Susan- thank you, me too, and that tail really was funny, he appears like a piece of cloth draped over the bed : ) Happy Tuesday to you xx

  10. oops. sorry. commented on the wrong post.
    BUT: i am sending love and thoughts and kisses!


    HAHha! verification word: catterja.