Monday, October 17, 2011

This morning...

I would have liked to share photos of cat boys running and hunting but not today...

Little Ollie is sick. He has been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. He is not allowed out and has to take several medicines that he does not like.

Little Augustus is very concerned. He is used to being attacked by his brother, at least 5 times a day.

I told Mr Puffy Pants that Sylvester, Augustus and I were very thankful for him. I wanted to know what he was thankful for.

He said that he was thankful for us and for the earth being round instead of flat! I thought that the statement he made was very profound.

We then meditated on this:

"From the exalted source, and out of the essence of His favor and bounty He hath entrusted every created thing with a sign of His knowledge, so that none of His creatures may be deprived of its share in expressing, each according to its capacity and rank, this knowledge. This sign is the mirror of His beauty in the world of creation. The greater the effort exerted for the refinement of this sublime and noble mirror, the more faithfully will it be made to reflect the glory of the names and attributes of God, and reveal the wonders of His signs and knowledge. ..." (Gleanings)

Cat boys decided to spend part of the day reflecting with their eyes closed and the other part making kisses to send out later.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Oh no! Poor Ollie...I hope he's getting better with the medicines. Maybe he can laugh a little by seeing his brother as a fat superhero cat (over at my blog) :)

    Lots of cat and human love from Sau and me.

  2. Thanks Carolina...yes, I bet he will feel better : ) xoxo

  3. I'm so glad that Ollie will recover to his old self, surely his inquisitive energy is being missed!

  4. I'm sorry Mona. Well, if he has to be sick, Ollie is in very good hands :).

  5. Shannon Ann- you are a sweet heart, Ollie will be so happy to hear from you!

    Susan- yes indeed and I am trying xx

  6. It feels better when you know what is wrong, doesn´t it!
    And luckily Ollie has his brother and you beside him. Sending Ollie and you all warm hugs : )

  7. Awww...poor little buddy. Healing vibes his way...

  8. Thank you Ro, Mette, and Hannah...I think we feel worse than he does, maybe...he will be delighted to know that such lovely ladies care for him : )

  9. Sending kisses to Ollie and wishing him a speedy recovery. I miss not seeing him strutting around in all his glory.

    Helen xx

  10. Ï'm just relieved that it's something that can be "easily" fixed with some pills. Although I know some of my cats would rather challenge me to a duel than take their medicine ... But I'm sure Ollie is much too sweet for that kind of behaviour ;)

  11. oh, no....i'm so sorry. poor ollie.

    and i had to look twice for augustus. all i could see was the tail. the rest of him looked squished-flat on that fur.

    sending love and thoughts.
    and kisses.