Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April days...

Gingerella, who had earlier asked me to call him Chief Etu Wemata (Sun brother), was enjoying the rays of April sunshine amongst the sparse vegetation of the urban prairie but his delicate ear lobes would not rest.  No Chief ever rests, naturally.
This fellow who was clear across the other side noticed, and wanted to play with the big one.  I found that odd but not incredulous, there is a history here: the squirrels in this prairie habitually chase cats!
In less than a split second, the big Chief shook off the rays of sun from his golden fur and became a crouching lion, low in the grass.  It all happened so fast that I applauded him.

The squirrel was carrying on oblivious to the presence of that ferociously cute lion.
The big Chief sat back again wondering....
At that same moment Senor El Dulce Pantalones who had earlier asked me to call him Chief High Wall Nahimana closed his eyes in silent meditation.  He already knew the game and wanted his brother to experience it too.
My glance fell to the side and in my mind
the thought drifted that we lived in a fairy land...for sure....

“Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!” 

Cat boys sent you all pawfuls of kisses...


  1. Hahahaha ha! Your boys rank as Chiefs now! I wondered when they would reveal their true names! And all this time, we were calling them Ginger and Sweet Pants. Silly us.
    Do I spot some new landscaping additions? Looks lovely out there. It's quite jungle like, your fairyland. I wonder if the squirrel is a chief as well?
    So good to see you, Mona!

  2. I was worried for the squirrel, but your kitties seem quite gentle :).

  3. HaHa. You are so funny and clever. Loved this post. Your cats have such fun personalities.

  4. very sweet post.
    those boys....they are wonders to behold.

  5. prairiegirl- so good to see you too...when they were younger they had asked us to call them Chief Puffy Pants and Chief Left Hand Bull among a few other names. I have to ask the squirrel what his real name is... Yes, some landscaping, quite random, it is funny but it entertains the boys...sending you love

    Hannah- no worries at all, in fact, we worry for the cats because the squirrels usually chase them but I did not want to announce that good to see you

    Sanda- thank you for your lovely visit...they are rascals and I am sure you know

    marie- love and kisses to you

  6. enchanting, enchanting, enchanting, enchanting, enchanting,

    need I say more?

  7. Looks like the Chief managed to catch Squirrel's attention. Squirrel looks a little worried.

    Love the boys and their world. Thanks for sharing Mona.

  8. Marilla- xx

    Lovely gnat- you inspire us xoxo

    Grace- thank you for your visit dear friend... hope you have a beautiful weekend xx

  9. Omg, first looked at the pictures and came towards the end. Then I noticed two coming forwards, and thought Augustus looked a bit odd. Enlarged the picture and wow - a big squirrel! Calmly coming forwards.
    I would have expected chaos and blood all over, but luckily none of that. Amazing.