Friday, October 9, 2009

Beta Trianguli Australis

set off on its grand journey at about the same time that Sylvester (aka my sweatheart) was born. We celebrated this special day with a cozy dinner at The Athenaeum, which is the faculty club at Caltech. The 'Ath', as they call it, is a beautiful building with a lot of history of scientific if not general significance, and that could be the topic of another blog day.
Today I only have a few snapshots of yesterday evening.
I pass by these gardens everyday, or try to at least, always hoping that one Jacarunda tree has decided to present a few flowers (out of its normal season) or that the Lincoln roses have produced new buds and flowers. These roses are truly flowers fit for heavens, their color, forms and scent are all out of this world. Ahhh!

This is a shot of our two water glasses after dinner table was cleared, well almost cleared. I was trying to see what my iphone camera could do in the semi dark dining room. The interior of this dining hall must be seen; it has beautiful ceilings with paintings, fabric covered walls, woodwork, artwork, and many other adornments.

The picture of Caltech's Triumvirate hangs in this dining hall. The people in that photo, all grand scientists, are from left to right, Noyes, Millikan, and Hale, aka Larry, Moe and Curly! (tee hee)

Back at home, the cat boys had bought some flowers for Dada; however, Ollie found the roses tasty and the rose water was delicious too.

As you might expect the vase tipped over and Ollie ate one of the roses. The vase is now safely in the sink. August was no where to be found as he has some enemies to fight last night.

Wishing all, all things celestial and beautiful...and cat kisses too!



  1. Hope you had a lovely anniversary, Mona. Congratulations and hugs to you and the CB's!

  2. PS, sorry, I mis-read! Happy Birthday to your sweetheart!

  3. Thank you Anne! It was a lovely evening! See you next week I hope!


  4. Happy bday to your sweetheart!!

    I went to the Anthenaum for a Mother's day brunch one year and it was lovely.

    Happy weekend to you.xoxo

  5. Thanks too, enjoy the great weather we are having. You need to come back and check the Ath at Christmas! It is really beautiful!