Monday, October 26, 2009

It was business as usual chez nous...

Augustus pretended that he was in a boat, lost at sea, looking this way and that...

while Ollie pretended he had fallen aboard and was trying to stay afloat on his back.

They asked me to share The Boccherini Song to go with their theatrical performance! (I marvel at their abilities, always.)

Mommy cat attended a luncheon at the United Nations Day Celebration in Pasadena, sponsored by UNA Pasadenaand held at my favorite building in Pasadena, The Western Justice Center.

Two spectacular individuals were specifically honored at this event, Judge Dorothy Nelson and Mr. Marvin Schachter. Cat mom has the privilege of knowing Judge Nelson; however, at her request, the UNA website does not have anything on her background. She did not feel it was appropriate to receive 'PR' while she is an active superior court judge. I was thinking what a lovely day it was as I looked up at the sky in the patio courtyard. 

There was also African music and dance, a global marketplace, booths from all sort of grass roots organizations playing their part in bettering the world around them. I wanted to make some connections, I needed to check things out. I ended up shopping too, God knows how much I like pretty things. I will try to share more on this as I get a chance to think about it, or at least show you what I got.

Cat boys and I hope that everyone had a beautiful weekend, of music, theatre, imaginings and love. They send you two big smooches with their little cat lips!



  1. Good morning to you Miss Nancy and to little Pucat : ) Have a great day!

  2. "Mommie cat"! I love it!! When I was a little girl my favorite song was "What's new pussycat?" I think of that song every time I come to visit your blog.

  3. Now, that reminds me of Tom Jones, and I do love him.
    I dreamt of you, good dreams. : )

  4. How lovely to be in your dreams. It feels like a blessing.:-)

  5. What a gorgeous setting and a beautiful city you live in! xo

  6. Thank you is a beautiful city with big name architects and craftsman. xox