Sunday, October 18, 2009

Praying for their Safety Every Single Moment...

We live in a BIG city, however, our cat dudes are not City Cats and do not take to the indoors. This means daily stress for the cat parents and has made us very prayerful indeed. Just this past Sunday Augustus babe did not return home at his usual hour. We expect the boys to wonder back into the condo around 11 or noon.

We searched all over.

Broken hearted we tried to accept that he may have been lost or stolen, and Ollie tried to soothe his nerves with some cat snuff.

Hours later, Augustus wonders back meow meowing looking all exhausted and ragged. He ran up to his bedroom and was sacked.

Ollie kept a close eye on his big brother.

I too stuck around and snapped a few pictures and asked myself if I wanted to do this blog anymore. Oh well, a stressful Sunday afternoon came to a happy end.
I came across this prayer...

O God! Thou knowest that the people are encircled with pain and calamities and are environed with hardships and trouble. Every trial doth attack man and every dire adversity doth assail him like unto the assault of a serpent. There is no shelter and asylum for him except under the wing of Thy protection, preservation, guard and custody.
O Thou the Merciful One! O my Lord! Make Thy protection my armory, Thy preservation my shield, humbleness before the door of Thy Oneness my guard, and Thy custody and defense my fortress and my abode. Preserve me from the suggestions of myself and desire, and guard me from every sickness, trial, difficulty and ordeal.
Verily, Thou art the Protector, the Guardian, the Preserver, the Sufficer, and verily, Thou art the Merciful of the Most Merciful!

Now if I could only teach the dudes to say this prayer...

Wishing all a safe and beautiful day embellished with cat kisses,



  1. So glad that Augustus returned safely. That must be unnerving to have them roaming out away from your supervision! have a great day! xo

  2. I cannot tell you how unnerving it is. I am in constant discourse with angels asking them to guard the doodles. Hope you have a great day too!


  3. ...OH...nightmare...i know it well...that WAN~derful boy of yours...knows how to scare...BOO!

  4. Let me know if you have any tricks up your cat mom's sleeves.


  5. having kitties outside is so trying , I have neighbors that trap cats and throw them on the highway so mine stay in , sorry kitties some day we will live somewhere safe

  6. Whew! I am glad to hear that Augustus returned safely. If our kitties would stick to the yard they would have access to the great outdoors, but they do not -- still feel like I'm depriving them, but also don't want that heavy sense of worry.

  7. OMG MountainDreamers, this is terrible! People must be really ill to harm animals! I would do the same.

    Hi Jenn, I would do as you are if ours were not introduced to outside earlier. We tried trapping them in and they become destructive, hard to believe. Anyhow, today they will get chipped and we are busy calling on all animal angels all day everyday. God bless all little innocent animals.