Friday, October 30, 2009

Order out of Chaos and Randomness?

The random photographs of our doodle cats daily doings brought to mind Ilya Prigogine and his famous research in 'dissipative structures', the idea of complex 'self-organizing' bodies' emerging out of randomness and chaos. Although few argue that something new (perhaps more complex) can emerge from this cycle of disorder/change/order, some would argue that the outcome may not necessarily be better/more intelligent/efficient unless it was guided by some external source of inspiration.

Well, this Mommie cat could not round up the cat boys for the usual reading/discussion/contemplation cycle, something which always leads to greater understanding and appreciation. The cool evenings are making them frisky and energetic. They run up trees, walls, jump around, sniff, a lot of cuteness is dissipating around us. I asked myself where all this randomness was taking them and me. I am certain it is not going towards something grand, if you know what I mean.

So without further philosophizing I present to you a few random shots...

This is a couple of nights ago when strong winds blew down a huge pine tree just down the street from us, our very own stomping grounds. The city crew chopped it down in a few hours!

Augustus the babe showing off the pillow case that I bought at the UN Celebration Day just last Sunday. It is from West Africa and the pictures then were used as language. So drawing zebras in the old days indicated that "Hey, the zebras are coming"!

This is Ollie babe after his morning walk and breakfast. He is ready for his day, sitting in the loft, watching shadows, listening to sounds, his books by his side, just in case.

This is Augustus last evening when he wanted to play hide and seek with me except that naughty boy is not closing his eyes.

This one is a hummingbird, my favorite bird of all, just mesmerizing!

And this is last evening, the same game of hide and seek, Ollie is hiding up on a high wall while Gustopher Jones (Augustus) was down below counting to ten on his little paws.

I told Ollie about chaos and order and he reminded me of Blazing Saddles:

Reverend Johnson: Order, order. Goddamnit, I said "order".
Howard Johnson: Y'know, Nietzsche says: "Out of chaos comes order."
Olson Johnson: Oh, blow it out your ass, Howard.
(Oops, Pardon their French)

Well, that's about all the randomness I can handle today. Cat boys are sending you random kisses with their sweet cat lips. I hope some of them land on your faces. Have a great weekend!



  1. ...their french've been pardoned... :)

  2. ...MrsLJ...i think you need to grab one of those... NICE...BIG...SCRATCH posts for the boys...roll it right in...prop it up in a corner...INSTANT cat HEAVEN!!!

  3. I think you have a splendid idea...tell me more about what u do in your spare time, I have to leave the babes alone for a few days