Saturday, February 13, 2010

Are we forgetting something...

A warm and sunny February Saturday in Pasadena,

a late-blooming tulip tree,

two cat boys doodling away in the backyard,

and 5 hours later, still doodling, but now indoors!

A tired Ollie cat resting

his little tired paws.

A tired August preparing

to nap!

I took off my lovely Umberdove apron, which makes me look gorgeous when I do housework,

and tout d'un coup, I remembered that the lovely dove was having a giveaway that should not be missed!

Just to let you know, August loves this little dovely bird

and Ollie loves this pillow,

every quadrant of it!

Mommie cat loves the apron, the print, the pillow cover, and perhaps much more! She now has to go back to umberdove to review her assignments for entering the giveaway. : )

Happy Valentine's Day everyone...catch those kittie kisses, August and Ols blew off a few pawfuls for everyone!



  1. ...WAYwayWAY too cute...this is ONE BIG LOVE...for our Umber Dove...XOXO

  2. Those boys deserve a magazine! How photogenic they are. Purfection.

  3. Please give my most sincere and heartfelt, and somewhat belated, Valentine's day wishes to your boys. Hope you had a gorgeous weekend. We were at Descanso Gardens yesterday and I thought of you.

  4. One thing is for sure...the boys like girlfriends a lot! They asked me to tell you that they cannot type and no one sells them stamps so they cannot send you Valentine's Day cards. They sincerely hope that the kisses they blow your way land right on your lips!

    Have a lovely Monday!


  5. Pasadena looks so beautiful! Have a great week, Mona! xx

  6. Yeti and I just finished purusing the cut cat boys , sweet little paws, Yeti is getting a bit jealous about my frequent trips to your blog LOL

  7. Dear Mountaindreamer,
    Please tell Yeti that the cat boys feel honored that he visits so no reason to get jealous! Love to Yeti who is as cute as can be and to you likewise.


  8. love Love LOVE! You and your boys put such a light in my eyes!

    smooches all around!

  9. Just caught your smooches lovely dove...the pleasure and light is all ours!