Sunday, February 21, 2010

A secret message...

When I saw the cat boys seated in their garden and looking ahead I thought they were sending me a secret message, something like LOOK AHEAD!

However, it was only the Pasadena Marathon and they were watching the runners go by! So I snapped a picture of the marathoners with my handy iphone and

decided to go on my own excursion, this early Sunday morning, in the opposite direction to the marathon. My path was adorned with generous budding of royal jasmine flowers.

Upon my return back home the cat boys suggested that we read and discuss briefly this theme of LOOKING AHEAD. So we went indoors

where Augustus found this reading:

We must always look ahead and seek to accomplish in the future what we may have failed to do in the past. Failures, tests, and trials, if we use them correctly, can become the means of purifying our spirits, strengthening our characters, and enable us to rise to greater heights of service.
(From a letter dated 14 December 1941 written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi)

I was very pleased with his selection. This is what I try to do in my science, and how appropriate to use the approach in life.

The topic was very heavy for the cat boys and within minutes of the reading August cuddled on his bed

and Ollie cuddled on our bed, I mean 'his' bed!

Looking ahead to Monday and ready to receiving many kisses from kitties...



  1. I depend on the philosophy "Tomorrow is a new day/chance/opportunity."

  2. cat boys are so smart!....I think that is the beauty of life....every can start fresh.....anew....
    and JASMINE growing outdoors!...I think I am coming to live with you! :)

  3. We just need to keep the advice in mind and not forget, right?

    kerin, this jasmine bush blooms year around and is so fragrant. I check on it once or twice a week and am amazed. You will live with us when you move! : )

    xoxo to both

  4. Jasmine, cat naps and cat kisses. You are too good to us! I am breathing in all three of those incredible earthly delights.

  5. Hope your week is off to a great start! xo

  6. ...a whole lotta secrets going round...lifting souls & stretching hearts...from here to to me...

    one paw at a time...XOXO

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