Friday, December 10, 2010

I don't need help figuring out what the cat dudes do, generally,

but I sure need help to understand what they read, occasionally! Whiz boys confuse me!

"Consider the rational faculty with which God hath endowed the essence of man. Examine thine own self, and behold how thy motion and stillness, thy will and purpose, thy sight and hearing, thy sense of smell and power of speech, and whatever else is related to, or transcendeth, thy physical senses or spiritual perceptions, all proceed from, and owe their existence to, this same faculty. So closely are they related unto it, that if in less than the twinkling of an eye its relationship to the human body be severed, each and every one of these senses will cease immediately to exercise its function, and will be deprived of the power to manifest the evidences of its activity. It is indubitably clear and evident that each of these afore-mentioned instruments has depended, and will ever continue to depend, for its proper functioning on this rational faculty, which should be regarded as a sign of the revelation of Him Who is the sovereign Lord of all. Through its manifestation all these names and attributes have been revealed, and by the suspension of its action they are all destroyed and perish.

It would be wholly untrue to maintain that this faculty is the same as the power of vision, inasmuch as the power of vision is derived from it and acteth in dependence upon it. It would, likewise, be idle to contend that this faculty can be identified with the sense of hearing, as the sense of hearing receiveth from the rational faculty the requisite energy for performing its functions.

This same relationship bindeth this faculty with whatsoever hath been the recipient of these names and attributes within the human temple. These diverse names and revealed attributes have been generated through the agency of this sign of God. Immeasurably exalted is this sign, in its essence and reality, above all such names and attributes. Nay, all else besides it will, when compared with its glory, fade into utter nothingness and become a thing forgotten.

Wert thou to ponder in thine heart, from now until the end that hath no end, and with all the concentrated intelligence and understanding which the greatest minds have attained in the past or will attain in the future, this divinely ordained and subtle Reality, this sign of the revelation of the All-Abiding, All-Glorious God, thou wilt fail to comprehend its mystery or to appraise its virtue. Having recognized thy powerlessness to attain to an adequate understanding of that Reality which abideth within thee, thou wilt readily admit the futility of such efforts as may be attempted by thee, or by any of the created things, to fathom the mystery of the Living God, the Day Star of unfading glory, the Ancient of everlasting days. This confession of helplessness which mature contemplation must eventually impel every mind to make is in itself the acme of human understanding, and marketh the culmination of man's development." Gleanings 165

While I was busy reading and pondering and reflecting those two rascals filled their gorgeous paws with sweet cat kisses and blew them in the air for you and your delight! See you next week dear friends!

Ciao everyone!


  1. That's a pretty deep reading there, connecting rationality to perception.

    It looks like Augustus found himself a big juicy bug.

    Our kitties send kisses to your kitties!

  2. Kisses right back you and your kitties...yes, the bug was juicy and so is the reading...I will need the whole weekend for it! xoxo

  3. They are in stalking mode, there :).

    Happy weekending to you guys.

  4. Once again, I just get enough of these wonderful kitty pictures. Thank you!

  5. Lily is filling her puppy paws and sending love back to you and the cat dudes.xoxo

  6. Hannah- two giant cats stalking a bug...I wonder how the bug feels : ) Happy weekend to you!

    Metscan- Kitties meow thank you...they love complements and will dance for you

    LBR- sweet Lily kisses drive the boys batty...they will roll all over the floor for her xoxo

  7. well, let me say: *any* reading that is of old style yet includes words such as "indubitably" and "acme" has my attention!

    always, a cup of tea and a reading from your books: a sweet way to start a morning.

    blowing kisses back to *all* of you....

    [kiss, kiss]

  8. I hope that you're enjoying the weekend with your cerebral cat boys. xo

  9. Mona,

    You have some dense and delicious reading, there - perfect for a cup of tea and a fireside!!!


  10. Thanks to you! xx

    Sunny, that was the intention, a longer delicious reading for the are so smart on top of being smashingly beautiful! xoxo

  11. oh those All~Abiding, All~Glorious...rascals!

  12. Those gleanings were well above my tired mind but my viking spirit salutes those brilliant kitties.

    xo, Ro