Thursday, December 16, 2010

Secrets that startle...

Sometimes an image elicits a weird feeling in kitty mom. For example, upon seeing this postcard

I had a sudden wish... I wanted to be playing in this band!

Since I could not comprehend this, naturally, I went to the two wise cats and shared my feelings with them.

Upon hearing what I had to say, they had a strong urge to rub noses!

"This is all too puzzling", I we decided to read and reflect about this:

"Know, that the pure hearts upon which the mysteries of the Kingdom of God are printed and pictured, are reflections one upon another and thus the one can discover the secrets of the other, because such hearts are only mirrors confronting each other on which the secrets of unity, affinity and concord are printed and reflected." (Selections AB)


"living with ambiguities as a natural and inescapable feature of the process of exploring reality" (shoghi effendi)

Startled as we three were in discovering our secret emotions none of us were questioning our open feelings of love for our friends and so the cat boys filled their gorgeous paws with sweet kitty kisses and blew them in the air for you.

Ciao everyone!


  1. nice to see you found the photo from our first date. you still look as good as the first time i met you!

  2. love it that my heart can explore reality yet be a mirror at the same time....

    kisses back to kitty boys.


  3. ...kitty boys were grumbling lawrence welk under their breath...& rejoicing!

  4. dandy sandy- blushing : )

    marie marie- I know your heart is a mirror for sure; kisses right back at ya'

    nancy- only you would know what they had e laughing, Lawrence Welk...hee hee xoxo