Thursday, December 2, 2010


Rather early this morning, five-thirtyish, I was out with the doodles. I had stuff on my mind, thinking how much I liked to be able to see 'outside the box' so to speak, to have acute foresight, insight, ??.
Too dark...I need a lighter sky,
this corner pointed out to me by the boys looked more interesting.
Augustus assumed the snack-eating posture, both he and Ollie enjoy receiving a few treats at designated treat stations.
I was impressed by the clear skies, the shiny Jupiter! Not bad for being right in the middle of a city, wishing I had my loaner telescope handy.
We did the usual walk down the street, Augustus likes to lead while I pull on his tail once in a while, Ollie likes to hang behind to make sure all is safe, that little boy is still a baby!
There he is, Gussy Gus, scoping the street to make sure it is alright to walk,
and little Ollie Ollie!
Back in our courtyard, still dark, I admire Gus, his shadow, we continue to talk about increased perception, this, that and other discourses of spiritual significance.
Some time later, perhaps 15 minutes later, it is light, Ollie was fascinated by how the light was turned on, me too in fact!!!
I grabbed the foofer and the puffy pants and brought them in quickly before the usual courtyard noises started...they were caught off-guard by my efficiency and not so happy! Heh heh!
Ollie wanted to know what all the discussion of boxes all about, he was interested to know if there were some treats hiding in the box or outside the box. He said that foresight is great if it lets him find treats. I was blown away by his intelligence!
The two of us prayed;
I was wondering if pussycat would like to have some pink boots;
I had to comb his luscious fur;
he told me that he is now going to do a flip, somersault and land on kitty dad (which he did and I heard a UUHH).
After showering I found him on his director chair,
I think he was dreaming of treats!
Downstairs was this tired boy,
tranquil, reflecting on
this passage that we read together:


In man five outer powers exist, which are the agents of perception—that is to say, through these five powers man perceives material beings. These are sight, which perceives visible forms; hearing, which perceives audible sounds; smell, which perceives odors; taste, which perceives foods; and feeling, which is in all parts of the body and perceives tangible things. These five powers perceive outward existences.
Man has also spiritual powers: imagination, which conceives things; thought, which reflects upon realities; comprehension, which comprehends realities; memory, which retains whatever man imagines, thinks and comprehends. The intermediary between the five outward powers and the inward powers is the sense which they possess in common—that is to say, the sense which acts between the outer and inner powers, conveys to the inward powers whatever the outer powers discern. It is termed the common faculty, because it communicates between the outward and inward powers and thus is common to the outward and inward powers.
For instance, sight is one of the outer powers; it sees and perceives this flower, and conveys this perception to the inner power—the common faculty—which transmits this perception to the power of imagination, which in its turn conceives and forms this image and transmits it to the power of thought; the power of thought reflects and, having grasped the reality, conveys it to the power of comprehension; the comprehension, when it has comprehended it, delivers the image of the object perceived to the memory, and the memory keeps it in its repository.
The outward powers are five: the power of sight, of hearing, of taste, of smell and of feeling.
The inner powers are also five: the common faculty, and the powers of imagination, thought, comprehension and memory.

Seeing the puzzled look on my face Gussy assured me that we would continue our discourse on improving perception later!
Before starting their morning siesta catboys filled their paws with the usual sweet kisses and blew them in the air for YOU!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Wow 530ish sounds awfully early. I can't say there is anything I need to do at that hour, nor would I ponder anything out side of my bed-or box as put it! haha I will do my thinking under the covers until 7!

  2. Amanda, Please have Harley talk to my boys...I like to sleep in too! xoxo

  3. I'm willing to wager your brain has far more wrinkles than the average genius... and somehow you happened to find the smartest cats in existence...

    I read your words and cat conversations, like I always do, and once again I must say if Socrates had a wife, darling, he would have chosen you;) {Oh the debates} your man must be quite as brilliant too:) That I know he is. Wonder if hIs name is Aristotle?

    Personally, I fall hard for men more like Voltaire, tehee:)

    and I got a chuckle at how the day and night shift so fast too:)

  4. We are all three blushing Michaela! xoxo

  5. awww, your cat is adorable. Makes me miss my cat.