Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I am thinking of a title...

I don't think that I am the only one who is thrown into the fast December river, and then of course, my two furry companions take advantage of me in such very moments. One second Augustus is leading me to somewhere and in another moment I find that he has disappeared sitting calmly way up on the wall!!! He has been enjoying this lately quite a bit!
Augustus scoping.
Augustus enjoying the rising sun in the cool morning hour.
Ollie is down below with me, also basking in the sun that makes his orange fur glow.
I am now chuckling at his cute profile.
Now Ollie is leading me. "We have to go", he meows.
Out on the street where I follow the fur ball around our glances fall on these spiky balls,
and the remaining leaves
that have caught some ginger cat's eyes.
I remember that I wanted to title this post "For the love of light" but I did not have any reading selected because that is usually SweetPants' job on Tuesdays.

MrPuffyPants then chose this reading for our daily meditation:

"O Son of Generosity! Thou wert in the deserts of nonbeing and, by means of the earth of command, I made thee to appear in the world of possession. I charged all the atoms of dependence and the realities of creation with thy training, so that, before thou didst issue from the womb of thy mother, I ordained for thee two fountains of bright milk. I appointed eyes to guard thee, set thy love in all hearts, and with pure generosity I reared thee under the shadow of My Mercy, and protected thee with the essence of My Grace. The purpose of all this was to enable thee to arrive at Our Eternal Might and to deserve Our Invisible Favors..." (Hidden Words)

I complimented Ollie on his choice of reading. I reminded him that all the atoms of dependence were there for his training, that his love was set in all hearts. He accepted the compliment graciously and also naughtily.

"Go ahead", I said. "Make kisses and blow them in the air", and that he did.
Ciao everyone! We wish you a splendid week!


  1. I love that, "For the Love of Light".
    You and your boys share a lot of that! Xo's

  2. Thank you ShannonAnn- we do love light, all of us xoxo

  3. Oh those boys and you!!! Sending love,

  4. Yes Ollie, very good reading choice today :). xoxo

  5. Good to see you sunny...we send love right back to you!

    Susan- Ollie sends you juicy kisses for approving of his selection xx

  6. This reading is so timely. My friend Mary Rose gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last evening. I shall forward her this reading.
    Many thanks and always love getting kisses from Augustus and Ollie

  7. Helen- this would be great for your friend. I suppose for Ollie and Gus' sake I should have added that they were provided with 6 or 8 fountains of milk : )
    ps- i have selected an outfit for your party, I hope I make it xx

  8. I love your kitties. You must brush them every day for them to have such lovely fur. As for those daily meditations, they help me to relax and be inspired. Merry Christmas to you. I'll see you next year. :)

  9. Laila- I brush them twice a day...we three wish you very special holidays...relax, enjoy, see you in 2012 xx

  10. Beautiful reading, MrPuffyPants, I commend you.

    Please give him a scratch behind the ears, if you would, MrsLittleJeans.

    We have many of those spiky balls at our house too. They're no fun in bare feet.

  11. Beautiful reading and curious cat stories. What a wonderful world you have created