Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I think...they remember

I don't think that we have been away at all and only in reviewing photos I realize that we have. Thankfully, the cat boys remember. The familiar faces, the meows, the purrs, the shenanigans and the sacred all remained the same.

A mighty Augustus perched on top of the wall and assumed the posture of anticipating a reading

while Doctor Ollie assumed the relaxed posture essential to reflection and meditation.
I call him by his other other name Dr Ollie on those days when he comes and checks my breathing during the night to make sure that I am still alive.

The squirrel came to see what this was all about.

Today's selection was chosen by Mr Sweet Pants who senses the sacred in every moment, every thing, every place!

“In the bath today, a sweet-scented mud reached me from the hand of my beloved; I said: “O mud, whence comes thy sweetness?” and it replied: “Verily, I am naught but clay, but for a time, I lingered with a rose. The fragrance of that union has left its trace in me, otherwise I am still that clay that I was.”

Sa’adi poem translated by Amatu’l-Bahá Rúḥíyyih ͯKh̲ánum (from a talk she gave in India at the home of Boman Ulyai on 16 February 1964 found in the book Travels in India.)

I was pleased with his selection. The two cat boys made their lovely kisses and blew them in the air to sanctify this early part of December.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Welcome back from your vacation. I hope the holidays are going well for you. Your kitties are looking their Shakespearean best. :)

  2. Wait til I tell them.
    Thank you Laila, I was hoping I would get lost and not return but here I am with heaps of duties, thankfully the cat boys help! xx

  3. Warmes welcomes home

    I smiled at the vision of Dr. Ollie checking your breathing. How precious.
    May the scent of the rose linger with you.

    Helen xx

  4. Helen- thank you, it is good to come home to a furry live-in doctor. We have to do the rounds soon. xx

  5. Oh gosh you must be a sound sleeper.

    Just got in from mingling with my roses, my hands are cold and my heart is warm.

    welcome back!

    xo, Mud

  6. Missed you but I see you haven't lost your talent to entertain. The boys look as dignified as ever. I wonder how they'll feel about Christmas and all its accoutrements.

  7. Ro- I am an extremely light sleeper but jet lag helped. I have to always pretend dead because Ollie sits in the dark and stares at my eyelids! Great to see you! xx

    Grace-The cat boys were entertaining their grandparents and I heard interesting tales, they had them trained in no time. : )

    Cat boys love Christmas and are waiting for their catnip socks to arrive..I hope they pose for me. So great to see you xx

  8. inquisitive little cat dudes.
    kisses to all.

  9. I love that one of Ollie peeking out and I am so glad to hear he checks your breathing :).

  10. Oh yay! Welcome back to you!!!

    Are you getting your kitties any holiday gifts??

  11. thank you marie...kisses to you too

    susan-good to see you, and yes, I am glad that he checks my breathing too : )

    Hannah- are you kidding, Christmas is all about them, Santa Meows is making their socks : ) Good to see you!

  12. I hope your travels were all they needed to be...

  13. Your cats move me... and all your stories (and deep reflections) are food for my thoughts.
    Your cats still remember. My Henry died a few years ago, and he still remembers me! A few weeks ago we were all in the living room and this little "shadow" ran very fast across the floor. I knew it was him and I told everyone that Henry had come to be with us. He still remembers... wherever he is, because he knows I do... and miss him so much every single day!


  14. I was not sure, we´re you back or not, but after your second comment, I came to check your blog - and thank God, you are back. And Ollie and Augustus too!
    Btw, did they behave in any different way towards you, as you have been away for such a long time? Were they shy?
    If I , which I not often do, am away from home, I feel awfully guilty..

  15. Sam- yes, my travels were what they had to be, I like the way you think dear friend : )

    Anna- what an incredible experience, how special that Henry is....I don't know why I even question it, maybe because I hear so many people had cats that left them but these boys must know how much we love them ...they are our little miracles xx

    Mette- yes, I am back and very busy so much so that I wish I were not, though I missed these boys like crazy. Would you believe that they behaved as if I had never left!!! I was kind of surprised but instantly they started bossing me around, all the old routines. Though they had their grandparents trained they were happy to see us, and I am thankful for that. So I would have to say that these boys don't know what shy is : ) It is interesting that they know someone comes to our home to watch them when they see our suitcases, they recognize introductions and they immediately start planning as to how to train the new person! Thank you for visiting and happy Thursday to you! xx