Thursday, December 15, 2011

Smack in the middle of the city

early in the morning

two cat boys are sending messages to each other from across the ways.

I don't know what they could be up to because that changes on a daily basis.
We continue with our morning rounds that commenced in the dark hours of pre-dawn.

MrSweetPants winks at me,
and sniffs the fresh air. He loves being out in the quiet of early mornings!
MrPuffyPants has the serious look on his face, the squirrels are running all around him, doing pirouttes. This is because I throw shelled sunflower seeds on the ground so the squirrels come and MrPuffyPants can play.
He is only one kitty and can only chase one squirrel at a time!
Here he is presenting his woes to me and wants to know if there is a solution.
MrSweetPants arrives on the scene, he wants to know what is up.

I noted the pair together, and sensed that they had the posture of anticipating a reading coming on, and they were so right!

We reflected on this passage selected by MrSweetPants the night before:

"That most precious of gifts is attainment unto His unfailing guidance, that the inner reality of humankind should become as a niche to hold this lamp; and when the scattering splendours of this light do beat against the bright glass of the heart, the heart's purity maketh the beams to blaze out even stronger than before, and to shine in glory on the minds and souls of men....." (compilation)

Cat boys them made kisses and blew them in the fresh air with their best wishes....

Ciao everyone!


  1. the heart's purity maketh the beams to blaze out even stronger than before, and to shine in glory on the minds and souls of men.....

    We shall pray this and in particular at this time of year

    Thank you Puffy and Sweet Pants for being such spectacular models

  2. yes, indeed, and aren't they just adorable? My heart always goes pitter patter when I see them xx Happy Friday Helen!

  3. Your boys are indeed, adorable! And it looks like you had a beautiful start to a gorgeous day. Let those beams shine on! Xo's

  4. the boys ARE gifts of pure heart.

  5. Awesome photo of the trees silhouetted against the sky and the moon! Have a wonderful wknd. xx

  6. I love it when kitties sniff the air.

    The reading is very beautiful.

    Next week is Christmas and life is too busy to keep up with blogs, but you and your boys will be in my thoughts.

  7. Thank you dear friends for taking the time to visit us. We know how busy these days are and so the special visits really buoy our hearts. xxx

  8. The boys look as handsome as ever. And yes, the chosen prose is inspiring. Ah to follow His unfailing guidance. Such attainment indeed.