Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It starts rather early

my blurry eyes follow these cat boys around here and there. It is cold.

Mid day one could find Ollie in the upper world or down below where he inspects the gutters for the city of Pasadena, another one of his professions in addition to the more prestigious doctoring profession.

These hurried little legs tell me that he has a lot to do and cannot spend time with me.
Ollie never walks as is expected of any cat who holds down several professions
but he never forgets to stop and smell the jade plant.
Oooh, I think it smells good, Ollie let me know.

Thankfully though, catboys who play a lot during the day don't have the energy to pull all-nighters. All they can do is read a little and go to bed.

Our reading was selected by Augustus who had noticed that I did not have clear thoughts in my head. We read this:

"The mind and the thought of man sometimes discover truths, and from this thought and discovery signs and results are produced. This thought has a foundation. But many things come to the mind of man which are like the waves of the sea of imaginations; they have no fruit, and no result comes from them. In the same way, man sees in the world of sleep a vision which becomes exactly realized; at another time, he sees a dream which has absolutely no result.

What we mean is that this state, which we call the converse and communications of spirits, is of two kinds: one is simply imaginary, and the other is like the visions which are mentioned in the Holy Book, such as the revelations of St. John and Isaiah and the meeting of Christ with Moses and Elias. These are real, and produce wonderful effects in the minds and thoughts of men, and cause their hearts to be attracted."

He suggested that I smell the jade and hope for some constructive thoughts. He is precious beyond words.

Shortly after the read SweetPants and his big tired paws went to sleep.
And back in his own quarters Ollie invited his toy mice to bed
for some happy dreaming!

Cat kisses and best wishes to you all..hang in there, christmas is around the corner!



  1. Glad to see the boys are happy and healthy! We are so looking forward to Christmas this year too.

  2. O ShannonAnn- Great to see you, I am sure this is a very special Christmas to you. We send you a big bundle of love xx

  3. I want to kiss the big, fat, hairy, gorgeous creature! Bless...


  4. Anna- I will kiss him for you...Bless u love

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  6. ollie.
    everything you make me think about.

    all are precious beyond words.

  7. Your kitty sleeps with his toys? Awww....

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  8. The photos of your kitties sleeping are too precious. I think they're hearts are attracted even if they don't snuggle.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  9. I love a pet with a job and Ollie has two on his resumé :)

    Wonderful shots, the look on his face after sniffing the jade is priceless!

    I think you should get close and stare him down when he's trying to nap.

    Have a good weekend Mona xoxox Ro

  10. marie- you are the sweetest, aren;t you?

    hannah-he does, he is very attached to his toys and to indicate his ownership he throws them in a bowl of water usually, he baptizes them : )

    susan- thank you, hope you have a great weekend xx

    Ro- I am very impressed and I do, I stare at him and take all kinds of photos and then I finally wake up the giant who bites me xx

  11. One has to wonder what Ollie finds during his gutter inspections. Little toy mouses maybe? :)

  12. Grace, I have asked the same question for several years now...there must be a party down there! xx